Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger Wins FA Cup Again, However, Fails To Win Jose Mourinho’s Respect

Arsenal won the FA Cup on Saturday with a dominating 4-0 result against Aston Villa. It now means that Arsenal are now the most successful team in the history of the FA Cup. Arsenal’s victory has also ensured that French manager Arsene Wenger becomes the first post-war manager to lift the FA Cup six times.

Hefty accomplishments for any manager within the game, however, Chelsea manager — and occasional shoving partner — Jose Mourinho was hardly impressed with Arsenal’s and particularly Arsene Wenger’s achievement.

When asked if he had a congratulatory message for the French manager, Mourinho simply said “No.”

There is no love lost between the two longtime rivals. Wenger is still yet to beat the Portuguese manager, but that has not stopped the Arsenal boss from now planning an assault on Mourinho’s title. Arsenal have not won the English League title in over a decade. Coincidentally, that period marked the rise of Chelsea’s dominance and Jose Mourinho’s arrival to England.

Despite that, Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem too bothered about Mourinho as he and his players are still busy celebrating their impressive victory over the Villains.

“I am not in a buying mood tonight. I will buy drinks for my players.”

Wenger’s decision to start Theo Walcott over compatriot Olivier Giroud was rewarded as Walcott scored the opening goal of the decisive rout. The 26-year-old is currently in talks about a contract extension at Arsenal and is confident that he will be able to come to an agreement with the North London club.

“I’m sure things will get resolved. I just want to enjoy today, and enjoy my football. It will take time. I have the belief in this team, the manager does. This has got to be a stepping stone to challenge for the title. That’s the ultimate goal. We’ve got to do it for the fans.”

Walcott shares Wenger’s ambition for Arsenal next season.

“I think of course we can push on. Why not? We have won the league in the past when we had the potential to do it and that’s what we want to do again. That is what we want to show next season. We don’t know how good the other teams will be but it is about consistency at the top level and we want to show consistency. We are the only ones who did not get beat for 49 games [in 2003-04] and we want to show consistency [again].”

For now, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will be focused celebrating way into the summer.

[Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images]