Toddler Drowns While Mother Is In Labor At Hospital, Died Hours Before Brother’s Birth In Same Hospital

In a tragic set of events, an Ohio toddler drowned while her mother was in labor at the hospital. The little girl, 18-month-old Jaylynn Adamson, was found in a front yard pond of the home she was staying at while her mother was in the hospital. The little girl was taken to the Marion General Hospital, the same hospital that her mother was laboring in, where she was pronounced dead.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Jaylynn Adamson from Marion County, Ohio, was found floating in the pond just hours before her mother gave birth to her brother. The little girl was staying with family members when the tragic accident occurred. At 9:22am the family called 9-1-1 after they found the little girl in the pond. The police report indicates that family members tried to revive the little girl as did sheriff’s deputies and firefighters who arrived to the scene. Sadly, at 10am the little girl was pronounced dead in the same hospital that her mother was giving birth to her brother.

The Independent reports that the mother gave birth to a little boy at 4pm, just six hours after her daughter was pronounced dead. Though police have not said who was caring for the child when the accident happened, the report indicates that the house address of the accident was the same as Earl and Jill Price, the toddler’s maternal grandparents.

Lt. Jason Dutton from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office says that the death appears to be an accident but that an investigation is still underway.

“It appears to be an accidental drowning, but we’re still investigating. The squad was called and CPR was performed, and she was transported to Marion General Hospital. They were working on her as they transported her.”

The toddler’s uncle, David Adamson, notes that the family is “kind of wrapped up with the death and the birth.” The mother is now left to mourn the loss of her young daughter as she celebrates the birth of her new son.

The hospital says that an autopsy will be performed on Jaylynn’s body to provide an official cause of death. However, results for the autopsy are not expected back until Monday.

Similarly as tragic, a North Carolina Pastor lost his two-year-old son in a horrific car accident and days later lost his newborn as well. The family is now grieving the loss of two children in just two days.

[Image Credit: Marion General Hospital]

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