#HappyBirthdayYouTube: YouTube Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary With Video Compilation From Past Decade

It may be hard to believe, but this month, YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, YouTube put together a video that was designed to “capture some of the richness and variety of YouTube from the last decade.” In addition to references to viral video content and popular YouTube users in the video, it also played up various film-making styles that have been popular over the years.

YouTube uploaded their 10-year anniversary video on May 28 and in just three days, the video has been viewed over 8.9 million times. What makes this particular YouTube video so special? It features viral videos and content from the past 10 years and displays it all in one neat video. YouTube says that they tried to get as many different viral videos and film-making styles as possible in the video to showcase how the website has changed over the years.

The video was setup in an A-Z format starting with “animals.” We have all fallen victim to the cute cat or dog video and YouTube’s 10th anniversary special does its part showcase the squishy faces. The video itself is a compilation and artistic rendering of the videos themselves, but in the “about” section the video giant lists specific videos that stood out over the years.

The list consists of 75 different references and features YouTube accounts such as Grumpy Cat, Freddie Wong, Old Spice, Kids React, and Salad Fingers. Though the list contains many of the top YouTube users on the site, many people commenting on the video are upset that their favorite mega YouTube-channel was left off the list. It seems that Pentatonix, with over 8 million Youtube subscribers, was a big let down for fans as they didn’t make the #HappyBirthdayYoutube list.

What is your favorite video included on the list? Which video do you think should have made the list that didn’t?