Todd Tucker’s Assistant Matthew Parrish Says Kandi Burruss’ Assistants Carmon And DonJuan ‘Best Be Steppin’

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ended weeks ago but Kandi Burruss is still caught in the middle with lots of drama happening around her, courtesy of her spin-off show, Kandi’s Ski Trip. On Sunday night’s episode of Kandi’s spin-off, the feud was not between two Atlanta housewives but between assistants.

During the episode, DonJuan Clark, general manager of Kandi’s entertainment company, and Carmon Cambrice, Kandi’s assistant, talked smack about Matthew Parrish, Todd Tucker’s assistant. At one point during a group dinner, Kandi’s teenage daughter, Riley, got fed up with people talking badly about Matthew and stood up for him. She pointed out that Matthew seemed to be doing a much better job of getting things done than DonJuan and especially Carmon.

“Can we stop being so rude? Just stop entertaining this. Because it’s annoying. They’re [DonJuan and Carmon] talking to him about how, they’re like being sarcastic and stuff and all, ‘Oh yeah you do your job.’ But at the same time they’re supposed to do the same thing that he does but he does it better. So they’re like being haters.”

Riley’s outburst prompted Kandi’s mom, Mama Joyce, to chime in that she thinks Kandi needs better employees.

During his solo interview with Bravo’s camera crew, Matthew hilariously declared that he has DonJuan and Carmon beat.

“DonJuan, bye girl! Carmon, bye girl! Matthew, hey girl!”

In an Instagram post posted several hours before the episode aired, Matthew Parrish questioned whether DonJuan Clark and Carmon Cambrice has what it takes to keep their jobs.

“In tonight’s episode the whole @todd167 &@kandiburruss family will tell you who is the better half. Like the old saying goes, the family will have the last word. An assistant needs to be an assistant! That means hardwork. Does @donjuannc & @camcambiknow what that truly means? We will see who’s better.”

Later on, Matthew declared himself the “new sheriff in town.”

“Yeap this is the look of the new sheriff in town lol! If you ain’t helping build the @todd167 & @kandiburruss empire you best be steppin.”

He then explained just why he’s such a great assistant to Todd.

“Everything counts, even the little things. I even work on trying to make sure my bosses eat healthy everyday and do research on new things that will not only improve their body health, but energy and memory etc…@todd167 has made me into an amazing assistant. I push myself everyday to get better and better. I want to make sure I am indispensable.”

Matthew even revealed that he’s been trying to get Kandi to hire him. He remarked that he’s still currently living in Los Angeles but may move to Atlanta if Kandi gives him a chance.

So, what does Kandi’s Skip Trip star Kandi think? Does she think that her husband Todd Tucker’s assistant, Matthew Parrish, has outperformed her own employees, DonJuan Clark and Carmon Cambrice? So far, Kandi has only asked her fans whose side, Team Matthew or Team DonJuan/Carmon, they’re on. Unfortunately for DonJuan and Carmon, every single response so far has been for Team Matthew.

One person who may have a very strong opinion on the Team Matthew or Team DonJuan/Carmon debate is Kandi Burruss’ The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kenya Moore. On Sunday, she posted an Instagram message that reminded everyone to watch the second episode of Kandi’s spin-off. Kenya and Kandi got closer while filming the seventh season of Real Housewives. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya, when Kandi and Phaedra Parks were on the outs, even once remarked that she would love to have a friend like Kandi.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]