Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Are Terrified Of Aging, Kendall Shares A Smartphone Horror Story

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are having a tough time enjoying being young and rich because they can’t quit think about their deepest, darkest fear. During a recent interview, the teens confessed that they’re terrified of growing older. But it’s not their only fear — Kendall probably can’t bear to be separated from her phone after what happened that one time she couldn’t use it for two entire hours.

Kendall Jenner has managed to make it to the ripe old age of 19, but 17-year-old Kylie isn’t sure that she’ll survive getting that close to the big 2-0. According to Styleite, Kylie recently confessed that she really doesn’t want to grow up.

“I’m scared of the day I turn 19,” Kylie Jenner told the Sunday Times. “I really don’t want to grow past 18.”

Because Kylie is suffering from a major case of the Peter Pans, it’s a good thing that those pregnancy rumors aren’t true. However, she’s not too young to be the face of an anti-wrinkle cream.

Kendall Jenner also can’t stand to think about how time keeps on ticking — no amount of money and fame can stop the clock.

“It’s scary,” Kendall said. “Life is scary. It’s just scary how fast everything is rolling and you can’t stop it. It’s rolling right now.”

It probably doesn’t help that Kendall is already getting compared to much-older women. During an interview with Sunday Style Magazine, the model revealed that some people tell her that she dresses like a mom.

“If it’s every day and I’m literally just going out to lunch or whatever, I like to be more comfortable,” Kendall revealed.

Kylie Jenner admits that she aspires to look more like Kim Kardashian, so she gets glammed up no matter where she’s going.

“Kendall is more casual, model-style, off-duty. I dress up more,” Kylie said.

Perhaps Kylie and Kendall Jenner are so afraid of aging because they both look up to Kim Kardashian. Kim has spent her entire adult life using her looks to make money, and her half-sisters have watched her use her beauty to build a massive entertainment empire. Kim likely worries about what she’ll do with her life when her looks have faded, and she’s passed this fear on to Kylie and Kendall Jenner. It definitely doesn’t help that they’re following a similar path by posing for pretty pictures, appearing on TV, and trying to turn their beauty into a brand.

Luckily, Kendall Jenner’s smartphone provides a respite from her worries, and she’s only forced to contemplate life and all its complexities when that piece of technology isn’t in her hand. According to the Mirror, Kendall told the Sunday Times a terrifying tale about the time she was separated from her phone for two whole hours in Thailand (oh the humanity!).

“We had a two-hour drive from the airport to where we were staying, and I’d left my phone in my bag, so I didn’t touch it the whole way. I looked out the window at everything and I saw people who live in huts and have dogs that were, like, withering away. And all their food, meat, was hanging in front of their house. It was very sad. Then we pulled up to this amazing house we were staying at, and I looked over and Kylie was on her phone the whole time and didn’t see one thing I saw.”

Unfortunately, Kendall Jenner didn’t say that this experience inspired her to help the less fortunate or anything like that — it just reminded her about how scary life can be when you’re not keeping your brain busy with trivial distractions.

What do you think of Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s musings about life? Are they totally out-of-touch with the rest of the world, or are they just your typical, detached teenagers?

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