Kylie Jenner Definitely Not Pregnant, But Totally Almost Engaged?

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner set the record straight about her pregnancy: it doesn’t exist. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 17-year-old reality star and SnapChat celebrity took to her social media accounts to squash rumors that she and her alleged boyfriend Tyga are expecting their first child together. Jenner posted a photograph to her Instagram account of her flat stomach. A corresponding tweet to her official Twitter account clarified things.

Definitely not pregnant, but if Kylie is hoping those pesky engagement rumors will disappear too, she’s not helping her case. Kylie Jenner’s alleged relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga has been the subject of rumors and speculation since October of 2014 when the pair allegedly first hooked up. If the relationship actually exists, it has to stay under the radar at least until Kylie turns 18 on August of this year. In fact, despite many outings, a high-profile Easter Sunday church trip with the Kardashian family, and a “Kylie” tattoo now etched on Tyga’s arm, neither Tyga nor Kylie have ever admitted they are dating.

Engagement rumors have dogged the alleged couple for months, despite the fact that both have said they aren’t interested in marriage right now. The most recent rumor originated in In Touch magazine. Reportedly, an anonymous source close to Kylie and Tyga told In Touch that the two have been engaged for several weeks.

“Kylie accepted Tyga’s proposal a few weeks ago and made the announcement to her family. She wants to get married as soon as she turns 18 in August.”

It’s important to note that Kylie Jenner has denied rumors of her engagement when she acknowledges them at all. However, if Kylie Jenner isn’t engaged, she’s not helping squash those rumors.

Kylie recently made an Instagram post which featured her left hand and a very conspicuous band on her left ring finger. Jenner swore that the ring was just a piece of jewelry given to her by friend and stylist Pia Mia, but surely even 17-year-old Jenner is media savvy enough to know that people would assume it was an announcement about a change in her relationship status.

There’s also the fact that on May 30, Tyga and Kylie were spotted at a high-end jewelry store in Beverly Hills. The report comes from Hollywood Life, and while the couple apparently left the store empty-handed, it isn’t hard to imagine that a swanky custom piece of jewelry from Tyga is in Kylie Jenner’s future. The ultimate question is, will it be a ring, and which finger will it be meant for?

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