Horrifying Video Shows Female Circus Performer Fall To Floor In Stunt Gone Wrong [Video]

Warning: Graphic video contains some bad language.

A horrifying moment was captured on video at the Circo Hermanos Vazquez in Houston, Texas. A member of the audience was filming an acrobatic act in which a man and woman were performing a dangerous “hair hanging” act when the stunt went horribly wrong. The woman lost her grip and plummeted to the ground below as women and children from the audience screamed in horror.

In the video, which was posted by the Daily Mail, the man and woman can be seen hanging from a structure shaped like a rocket. As the pair twirl through the air, the woman releases her hands to perform a stunt in which she hangs in the air from her hair. However, the pair lost their grip during transition and the woman fell to the floor below.

The acrobat was not wearing a harness and landed in front of a section of empty chairs in the audience. As the video pans out, members of the circus can be seen rushing out to aid the injured woman. Fortunately, the Daily Mail reports that the woman only sustained minor injuries from the accident.

This isn’t the first accident to take place during a “hair hanging” stunt. A group of female acrobats were injured when their “human chandalier” stunt went bad. The device intended to hold the women fell to the ground, sending many of the women to the hospital. Now the group is planning to sue the circus after the faulty structure caused numerous injuries.

Can you believe the female acrobat in the hair-hanging accident escaped with just minor injuries?

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