Damning New Photo Is Proof Florida Police Lied About Removing Earbuds From Victim’s Ears

A Florida police officer gunned down 33-year-old IT Specialist Jermaine McBean as he walked home with a newly purchased BB gun. The police report indicated that McBean “must have” heard their warnings prior to the shooting as his earbuds were found inside his pocket, not in his ears. However, a damning new photo taken by a woman at the scene distinctly shows the earbuds in the victim’s ears as he lay dead on the ground. McBean’s family says this is proof the police lied in their police report and that McBean may not have been able to hear the police warnings after all.

The Daily Mail reports that Jermaine McBean was walking home after purchasing a new BB gun. Police claim that they warned McBean to drop his weapon before opening fire on the man. Officers on the scene claimed that McBean’s earbuds were stuffed in his pocket at the time of the shooting and not on the victim’s head. However, McBean’s family says that the police report is a lie and that a photo taken by a witness to the shooting is evidence.

However, a nurse who witnessed the fatal police officer shooting says that she was told not to help when she rushed to give aide to the dying victim. In addition to being told to step away from the dying McBean, she claims that she pointed out to officers at the time that the man was wearing earbuds in his ears. The nurse then took a photo of the victim and reported what she saw.

In the photo you can see McBean lying on the ground as he is riddled with bullets. The air soft gun is lying by his side and you can distinctly see earbuds in the victim’s ears. However, the police report claims that officers “confirmed” that McBean did not have earbuds in his ears at the time of his death. Deputy Peraza, who fired the fatal shots, also told investigators numerous times that he didn’t see anything in McBean’s ears at the time of the shooting. Now McBean’s mother wants answers and to know what else the police department lied about.

“I was highly upset. They lied to me. What else have they lied about?”

In addition to the photo, witnesses dispute Deputy Peraza’s claims that McBean “pulled the weapon up over his head and grabbed it and started to turn and point it at us.” One witness says that there is no way McBean could have fired at officers from the position he was in.

“He couldn’t have fired that gun from the position he was in. There was no possible way of firing it and at the same time hitting something.”

What do you think of the damning new evidence in the Jermaine McBean shooting? Is the photo proof that the officers lied in the police report?

[Image Credit: civil rights lawyer David Schoen]

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