Man Tied Girlfriend’s Arms And Legs, Beat Her With Chain For Refusing To Leave Work 30 Minutes Early

The New York Police Department is searching for a Brooklyn tattoo artist who is accused of beating his girlfriend to the point she was “unrecognizable.” Alexandra Rose Johnson says that her former boyfriend, Dakota Bond, tied her arms and legs together before punching her in the face and beating her stomach with a chain. Bond allegedly became angry with Johnson after she refused to leave work 30 minutes early on her first day at her new job. The incident took place four months ago, but police have still been unable to locate the illusive tattoo artist for questioning.

The Daily Mail reports that Johnson took photos of herself after the attack in which she was almost “unrecognizable” as her face had been badly beaten. In addition to the injuries to her face, the woman says she was also beaten with a chain across her body as her arms and legs remained tied together.

Johnson says the horrific ordeal began when Bond visited her on her first night of work at a heavy-metal bar in Brooklyn. Johnson says that Bond became upset when she refused to leave work 30 minutes early. Johnson says she explained that she couldn’t leave work early on her first night at the job and refused to go with Bond. Despite her pleas, Bond became increasingly angry as he waited for her shift to end.

When the pair returned home, Johnson says Bond began to repeatedly punch her in the face. He then tied her legs and arms together and hit her across the stomach multiple times with a chain. After hitting her with the chain, Johnson says the angry man got a shotgun and threatened to shoot himself. When Bond untied the woman she threw a glass of water at his face and ran from the building to a nearby Subway where she called for help.

Johnson took photos of the aftermath of the ordeal but kept them private as police set out to find Bond. However, a month after the assault, Johnson decided to share the photos on her Facebook account in an attempt to find Bond. He has been missing since the incident four months ago but told friends after Johnson’s posting that she just “liked it rough.”

“Now that you know exactly what happened, do you think he deserves your respect or protection?”

Johnson says she doesn’t want Bond to be “free to do this to the next young girl he meets” and that she hopes that her social media postings will help the police find her assaulter.

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