Australia: Watch As Would-Be ATM Theft Fails Hilariously [Video]

Queensland Police have released a video of an attempt to steal an ATM from an Ingham Road service station in Townsville, Australia. They even added a light comedy musical soundtrack to the admittedly funny attempt as the ATM theft fails miserably.

Apparently, there has been much amusement since the video was published on YouTube by Queensland Police. It was uploaded in an attempt to identify the “criminal mastermind” and shows how his ATM theft fails so badly.

The guy apparently first stole a truck, then for some peculiar reason dressed himself as the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. He then headed off to a gas station to attempt to steal the ATM.

After breaking the glass door at the gas station, he pulls a chain, tied to the truck, into the building. The mastermind then managed to somehow fix the chain onto the ATM inside and then made a valiant attempt to pull it from the store by driving away in his truck.

However, it was a case of “smash” without the “grab,” as the ATM theft fails miserably. While the man is pulling away from the gas station, the chain broke.

The man, thinking his mission had been accomplished, keeps on trucking, at first not noticing that the chain has snapped. When he did finally notice, he returned to the gas station for a second attempt at the crime, but again the ATM theft fails miserably as he cannot reconnect the chain, mainly because this time he parked too far away from the door.

The man then decides to give the whole thing a miss, as again the ATM theft fails horribly, and he drives off.

It is unknown whether the unlucky and inept thief even noticed that he was being filmed on the CCTV cameras the whole time, but the police hope that someone will somehow recognize him and bring him to justice.

According to Fox Baltimore, the police also posted the video on the Queensland Police Service Facebook page, captioned “#TransactionDenied” and the post has gone viral with many thousands of views.

The YouTube video showing how the ATM theft fails was published on May 13 and is doing pretty well too, with well over 1,000,000 views so far.

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[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]

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