Man Gets Shot In Groin To Test ‘Bulletproof Jockstrap’

An entrepreneur who has developed a bulletproof jockstrap has taken the ultimate stand behind his device, allowing his business partner to shoot him in the groin in order to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Jeremiah Raber, 38, is the inventor behind Nutshellz, a bulletproof jockstrap that is specifically designed to protect a man’s most sensitive area from a wide array of threats, as the Huffington Post reports. Though there are other bulletproof jockstraps currently on the market, Raber’s device is made from ballistic Kevlar, and is considered to be six times stronger than steel. Raber relates that the inspiration behind developing a bulletproof jockstrap came from seeing one of his favorite MMA fighters downed by a swift blow to the groin.

“I didn’t expect to leave the bar that night thinking about the best ways to protect a pair of testicles, but I just thought there had to be a better way to absorb the shock from a misdirected kick to the groin,” he noted.

Most sales of the jockstraps are to police, SWAT teams, and military personnel, yet they have also been utilized by athletes. Raber has launched a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign in an effort to develop a smaller version for younger boys. As the Inquisitr has previously reported, the crowdfunding website has been utilized to amass venture capital for everything from films to inventions like Raber’s jockstrap.

In order to create buzz around the Kickstarter campaign, Raber filmed a video in which he allowed his business partner, Matt Heck, to take aim at his groin with a.22 long rifle, delivering a bullet straight into the jockstrap. As the Daily Mail reports, the test went off without a hitch, leaving Raber walking away laughing.

After being posted on the company’s Facebook page, the video of Raber testing the jockstrap has since racked up over 6,000 views.

“Armored Nutshellz makes the world’s strongest and most comfortable groin protector. It is lab tested and proven to stop a bullet,” the caption read. “Our next step? We’re ready to protect our young athletes, one cup at a time. So we took product testing to the next level.”

So far, the company’s Kickstarter has raised just $1,155 of the requested $30,000, yet Raber hopes the test video will help bring in enough contributions to allow Nutshellz to continue developing their bulletproof jockstrap.

[Image: Nutshellz / Barcroft Media via the Daily Mail]

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