Tampa Bay Lightning Inspire DJ’s ‘Uptown Puck’ Remix

The Tampa Bay Lightning are headed to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since they won it all in 2004. The excitment moved Tampa DJ Orlando Davis to create the “Uptown Funk”-inspired arena anthem, “Uptown Puck,” in support of the Bolts.

Fox 13 News reports Davis got the idea when his boss emailed asking if he had ever considered doing something with “Uptown Funk” just as the Lightning were taking off in the playoffs. He wrote the song in ten minutes and had it recorded within an hour. Shortly after that, it was on the radio. The tune caught on, and the video is now being played at Amalie Arena. Davis says a station’s success can be measured by how it represents what its city is passionate about. It looks like he scored some major points for Wild 94.1 and the city of Tampa.

“That’s always my true test to a radio station’s success. When you can see what the city is caring about and passionate about and push that.”

Davis credits the huge success of “Uptown Funk” for the success of his spinoff, explaining the hit makes people of all ages want to get up and move.

“Whether you’re doing Grandma’s 80th birthday, or a 13-year-old’s party or a Zumba class, you’re going to hear that song pop out.”

The DJ hopes it gives the Tampa Bay Lightning players a little extra boost in the battle for their second Stanley Cup.

“If I am a player, I am thinking ‘Man, these guys are singing along for me, that might help them play a little bit harder.’ You just gotta move when you hear this music.”

While writing the lyrics wasn’t difficult for Davis, pronouncing some of the Lightning players’ names wasn’t so easy. “Filpula.’ I had to figure it out if it was saying it right,” he admitted.

“This here for that ice cold, that be the thunder, that Lightning bolt. This here for those thunder sticks, them Lightning fans at Amalie. Stylin’, wildin’, bringing the cup to this city… Tyler Johnson skating through ya. Kucherov can do ya. Palat’s got skills to move ya. The Uptown Puck gon’ give it to ya… Lightning fans just watch!”

The Tampa Bay Lightning will have home-ice advantage over the Chicago Blackhawks when the Stanley Cup Final games begin Wednesday, June 3, on NBC. All games will start at 8 p.m. ET, with the exception of Game 2, which airs at 7:15 p.m. You can view the entire Stanley Cup Final Schedule on the Lightning’s official website.

[Image via Wild 94.1/Facebook]

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