Equifax Says God Is Not Real, He Sues To Prove His Existence, Wins Case

The debate over whether God exists or not has been ongoing for countless years. However, for God Gazarov from Brooklyn, the eternal debate has inserted itself into his personal life when he realized that Equifax would not issue a credit report to God, even if God’s last name is Gazarov. Gazarov is a 27-year-old moral man not associated with The Almighty, but he has been entangled in The Almighty’s great debate by simply requesting his credit report from Equifax. Equifax refused to recognize Gazarov as being a real person and stated that he had no credit history, all because his name is God.

God Gazarov was born in Russia, where God is a fairly common first name. He is the owner of a jewelry store and was hoping to obtain a basic loan for an undisclosed reason, but he was turned down when it was reported that he did not have a credit history. God reached out to Equifax to resolve the issue and received a response stating that God does not have a credit history and did not exist within their systems. Gazarov attempted to correct the issue on multiple occasions, each time he was ignored. It wasn’t until he took them to court that he was finally able to resolve the issue.

The other credit reporting agencies did not have an issue accepting God into their systems and were able to provide a full credit history. However, Equifax employees went as far as suggesting he change his name in order to exist within their databases, according to the New York Post.

“This was my grandfather’s name. I was named after him. I’m sort of like God Jr.”

God defended his birth name, according to Metro, and refused to give in and change his name simply because Equifax refused to add him to their database.

“This country is built on immigrants, and there’s nothing wrong with people carrying non-American names. It’s not like I’m trying to say I’m Mickey Mouse and my address is Disney World in Orlando.”

After taking legal action against Equifax, God was surprisingly added to their database without resistance. Despite having his name added into Equifax’s systems, Gazarov continued onward with his lawsuit, hoping to become more than just a name and prove he is real. After nearly a year, God Gazarov won his case against Equifax and was awarded an undisclosed sum of money for his troubles.

[Photo Courtesy: ABC News]