Marvel Tests Spider-Man Actors On 'Captain America: Civil War' Set

Dustin Wicksell

Marvel's top six contenders for the role of Spider-Man have been revealed, as the actors screen tested on the Captain America: Civil War set ahead of a casting decision expected by early next week.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Spider-Man screen test took place on Saturday in Atlanta, where Civil War is currently filming, and included six teenaged actors. Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland were among the group of contenders, which also included Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer (previously seen on Boardwalk Empire), and Charlie Rowe. Previous reports that stated Butterfield had been offered the Spider-Man role have since been proven false, as Marvel and Sony are only now nearing the end of the casting process.

— IGN (@IGN) May 31, 2015

Marvel president Kevin Feige, as well as former head and Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal, were on hand for the screen tests, as were Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Civil War. Feige previously discussed Marvel's new take on Spider-Man, citing the re-invention of Batman at the hands of director Christopher Nolan as a precedent.

"It's a similar thing, obviously tonally completely different from Batman, but we're very excited about any number of things about Spidey and his standalone adventures."

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) May 31, 2015

A casting decision is expected early next week, revealing the new face of Spider-Man set to debut in Captain America: Civil War.

[Photo by Mike Pont / Getty Images]