Casey Anthony Spotted In New York City, Reportedly Setting Up Tell-All Interview

Casey Anthony could soon be returning to the public eye for the first time since she was acquitted of killing her daughter, with reports that she is working on setting up a tell-all interview.

Anthony, who has been in hiding since her acquittal, was spotted in New York City walking with a public relations executive.

As TMZ reported, the meeting was likely to set up what would be a lucrative interview for Casey.

“Casey flew into NYC late Thursday. Our photog had a strong feeling it was Casey, even though she denied it. But we figured out she’s the real deal.

The white-haired gent by her side is a PR guy who was negotiating an interview with the networks right after her 2011 acquittal. As we reported, Casey wanted cash and some networks were wheeling and dealing, but all got cold feet in the end.

But now they’re back and she’s about to appear on TV for her first sit-down.”

Anthony has been spotted a few times since her famous 2011 trial. Recently she was photographed attending a charity race in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she is reportedly living in a 2,000-square-foot home.

A South Florida gossip blog called Gossip Extra reported that Anthony lived in a high-priced neighborhood just a few feet away from the beach. The media outlet reported in 2012 that Anthony was living in the same house, which is owned by noted private investigator Patrick McKenna.

“It would make sense for Anthony to hang out with McKenna.

In the private investigation community, McKenna is somewhat of a folk hero.

He was credited with finding evidence that got fallen football icon OJ Simpson cleared in 1997 of the double murder of his ex-wife and a friend.”

If Casey Anthony was doing a tell-all interview, it might be a much-needed help for her fiances. Anthony filed for bankruptcy after her trial, and the filings revealed that she owed a total of $397,000 to her attorney. Anthony had a total of 80 creditors, including $32,000 to the IRS and $145,000 to police in Orange County, Florida.

But some have suggested that Casey Anthony has other forms of income. A local private eye named Bill Warner tracked down Anthony last year and found that she was often going to bars and partying.

Warner wrote, “Casey Anthony supposed sighting in Morton’s Grocery Store Sarasota FL and rumors that she parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key within walking distance to her rental house, her Florida drivers license has expired.”

Another source claimed that Anthony had “a few benefactors” who picked up the tab for her lifestyle.

It is not clear how much money Casey Antony might receive for her tell-all interview, or just which media outlet might be paying for it.

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