Michael Jackson Update: Oldest Son Prince Jackson Graduates High School

Michael Jackson surely would have been proud of his son Prince Jackson. The King of Pop’s oldest child graduated from the prestigious Buckley High School in Sherman Oaks, California, this weekend, surrounded by family and supporters.

US Weekly reports that numerous members of the Jackson clan attended the graduation and stood up to cheer while Prince, 18, received his diploma. A friend in attendance stated that Prince, well-liked at Buckley, was greeted with applauds and whistles.

“When they announced his name, the whole Jackson family stood up and cheered and whistled. Prince was ecstatic as he crossed the stage and picked up his diploma.”

Despite recent rumors that Prince and his younger sister Paris, 17, aren’t on speaking terms, she was nothing but smiles as she watched her big brother complete an important milestone in his life. Sitting in the front row with the rest of her family, Paris was spotted helping Prince adjust his collar before he walked on stage.

Also in attendance was Prince’s aunt, LaToya Jackson, who couldn’t have been more excited for her nephew. She tweeted that not only did Prince make it through his high school years, but he did so while getting honors. The proud aunt was the first to share Prince’s graduation on social media.

So, what’s next in line for Prince Jackson? According to a recent tweet, he’s all set to attend Loyola Marymount University (LMU) this fall. After contemplating attending the University of Southern California (USC), the 18-year-old decided that LMU “felt like home.”

In other news, family and supporters of Michael Jackson also have another reason to celebrate. After two years of waiting, choreographer and dancer Wade Robson was denied his creditor’s claim against the Michael Jackson estate. Robson alleged that he was molested by Michael Jackson for numerous years.

Although this may not be the end of Robson attempting to get compensation from the Jackson estate, it’s a small step towards victory in the eyes of fans and supporters.

Paris Jackson seems to have reason to celebrate as well, with her newfound relationship with 18-year-old soccer player, Casper Castellaw. The couple recently appeared on the red carpet at the premiere of West Deaf Theater’s Spring Awakening show, in Beverly Hills.

Meanwhile, for anyone interested in purchasing Neverland, the California ranch onced owned by Michael Jackson, it’s up for sale for a whopping $100 million. However, the listing agents warn that they will entertain serious inquiries only, and that fan tours of the 2,700-acre property are highly discouraged.

[Photo Courtesy of Ethan Miller/ Getty Images]