Kendra: Marriage ‘Amazing,’ Credits ‘Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ For Hank Baskett Help After Transgender Model Affair

Kendra Wilkinson calls marriage “amazing.” That comment is shocking her fans and followers, who watched as she and Hank Baskett struggled to recover from his reported affair with a transgender model, according to the Washington Post.

Now 29, Kendra initially became famous as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and those Playboy Mansion antics. But Wilkinson then segued into marriage with the now-32-year-old athlete. All seemed smooth, with their cute children photographed with them during their happy family outings, until Hank allegedly had an affair.

But now Kendra insists she’s gone from a hellish marriage to a heavenly one.

“Our marriage is amazing right now. We are working on it every single day. It’s a lot of work, 24/7, but we’re both willing to put that time in and really stick it through. We’re both in it for the long run, and we both have goals, and they’re both the same.”

What happened to make the difference? Kendra says that she and Hank needed to go to the Marriage Boot Camp TV show for help because their children (children Hank IV, 5, and Alija, 1) were a “distraction.”

Already familiar with reality shows from her various TV stints, Wilkinson went for it.

“We decided to do the show because at the time we were going through a huge marital crisis that needed to be dealt with. We were seeking therapy, but we would go home and we would have to take care of two young kids, and the focus would go back on them and never about us. So when this opportunity came to get away for two weeks, with no kids, no distractions, that is exactly what we needed at that time.”

Premiering Friday on WeTV, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars also features other celebrities struggling to make their relationships work, reported People.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will be on the show with his girlfriend, Lauren Pesce. He views it as free therapy.

“She was a little nervous going in,” said Mike of Lauren. “But I thought it was going to be a benefit for us as a couple to go in because we’re not a perfect couple. We have ups and downs just like everyone else, but at the same time it’s almost like free therapy.”

For Kendra and Hank, however, the struggles to sustain the marriage after his much-publicized affair impacted Wilkinson’s physical and emotional health, as the Inquisitr reported.

Seeking insights from Dr. Mehmet Oz on an episode of his show, Kendra admitted that her fears had affected her in every way. She stressed about her intense anxiety over her marriage and anger at the person who she calls a “home-wrecker.”

However, Wilkinson implied that she does feel Hank cheated on her by having an alleged affair with transgender model Ava Sabrina London. She pleaded for people to stop believing all the rumors, and expressed concern that she’s not sure how to progress in her life with the relationship problems that plague her.

Do you think that the Marriage Boot Camp show can help Kendra and Hank? Does televised therapy work to heal relationships? Post your comments below.

[Image Via WeTV Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Show]