‘The Flash’ Season 2: What Can You Expect From Breakout Series?

As all good shows do, The Flash’s first season ended with a bit of a cliffhanger as well as some hints on what’s to come next year. The Flash finished up its first season with the epic battle between Barry and the Reverse Flash. There were a number of things that popped up at the end of the show that seemed to hint at what the next season of The Flash will offer.

In particular, it appears that we might get a glimpse at some of the other men who have played the super speed infused hero. In particular, Jay Garrick’s winged helmet came through the time vortex that was formed by Barry when he was trying to save his mom from Eobard Thawne. The helmet of someone else who is the Flash is not the only thing that was divulged during Barry’s run through the time vortex.

According to Design & Trend, it appears at least one new character we’re going to be seeing is the Killer Frost. In the comic books, Kaitlin has a run in with agents of H.I.V.E and becomes the Killer Frost soon after. One has to wonder if this is how the character will come about in The Flash considering those agents haven’t been featured prominently in the show. It also appears that Barry will get another friend turned into a genuine super human. In the season finale, Cisco was informed that he is actually a meta human who, among other things, can actually see through the time force. It turns out Cisco is likely going to take on the role of Vibe. This particular character can actually disrupt the time force by emitting powerful shockwaves.

Moviepilot.com reports that there will also be a new Firestorm in the next season of The Flash. Luc Roderique has already been confirmed as taking on the role next year. Roderique plays Jason Rusch, who was also a member of the team that worked on the Firestorm project. Now that Ronnie and Dr. Stein have put their powers behind them, it looks like there’s a new sheriff in town who can roast enemies alive.

The final spoiler appears to be the return of police detective Eddie Thawne, but this time he’ll be making a return to The Flash as Cobalt Blue. This particular tip seems to be because Eddie was sucked into the wormhole and was wearing a talisman around his neck. This talisman has been identified as the one Cobalt Blue wore. Further evidence is that the character in the comic books is actually a Thawne.

While these spoilers have not been confirmed, it appears the clues in The Flash season finale are leading towards quite a few of these reveals.

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