The Flash: The DC Character’s Arch Nemesis, Reverse-Flash, Returns To The Comics — Will This Affect The CW Show?

The Flash character Reverse-Flash has been the single pivotal character throughout the CW show’s Season 1. Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse-Flash / Dr. Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne was main baddie, and the signature DC character that drove the plot of the entire show. From Episode 1, right through to the dramatic finale, it was Reverse-Flash.

Spoilers are forthcoming for those who still have not watched CW’s The Flash, Season 1. Well, as most fans know, Reverse-Flash was extinguished in the finale. His distant relative heroically took his own life so he would not be born. However, Cavanagh is still slated to return. According to Comicbook, the maniacal, original Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, is set to return in DC Comics’ The Flash, Issue 41.

The Reverse-Flash has long history of leaving and returning to the DC Comics property, and the CW adaptation of The Flash followed the popular Flashpoint storyline fairly closely. However, the timeline was so dramatically disrupted in Flashpoint that ripple caused Bruce Wayne’s death, and Thomas Wayne to become Batman. It was Batman (Thomas Wayne) that murdered Reverse-Flash in that comic book series.

Many felt that Rick Cosnett (Detective Eddie Thawne) was going to be Reverse-Flash, and that theory still holds some weight, as the DC Comics world had two different Reverse-Flash characters. International Business Times points out that it is a toss-up between Reverse-Flash and Cobalt Blue, another stranger character and background that would have Eddie actually be or become Malcolm Thawne. Malcolm is Barry’s long-lost twin brother, who was raised by the Thawne’s to be evil, and subsequently became the villain Cobalt Blue.

There are no specifics to that theory, but the Eddie Thawne version has some potential merit to it. First of all, as aforementioned, in The Flash comic book, there are two Reverse-Flash characters. Secondly, there is a ring around Eddie’s neck that has a little bit of focus on it in the season finale, that many are saying is the Reverse-Flash ring.

Thanks to The Flash producer/writer Andrew Kreisberg, we know Rick Cosnett is not completely off the show.

mystery-ring Rick Cosnett

Eobard Thawne is The Flash comic book’s Reverse-Flash that is returning, and we were told that CW’s The Flash saw Eobard Thawne die. Moviepilot suggests that Tom Cavanagh’s version might have been Hunter Zolomon, and not really Eobard Thawne. The Flash comic book’s other Reverse-Flash, a paralyzed man who requested a future Flash Wally West to help heal his malady by altering time and the chain of events that led up to it. In the midst of Hunter Zolomon attempting to do this himself, he transformed.

The Inquisitr reported about The Flash Season 1 finale, and the future Season 2 storyline, are up in the air. The Flash showrunners teased that anything can happen, and with Reverse-Flash being such an interesting Flash comic book character, it is unlikely fans have seen the last him — whether by Eddie Thawne, Hunter Zolomon, or the return of Eobard Thawne.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited that DC Comics brought the original Flash nemesis Eobard Thawne, also known as the Reverse-Flash? Will Eddie Thawne return as the other Reverse-Flash? Is this all madness?

Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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