Heidi Klum, ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Begins 10th Season

Heidi Klum is beginning her 10th season as judge on the hit television series America’s Got Talent. And Klum’s got some advice for future contestants.

The Metro is reporting that Klum was asked a series of questions to give prospective contestants an insight into what the judges are looking for. Klum, 41, offered some very good insight.

When asked what kind of acts Klum looks forward to judging, Klum said, “I love being surprised! Anyone who comes on stage and can really shock me with a new and interesting talent that I’ve never seen before always gets my vote. I do also love the kids that come on our stage. They put their little hearts and souls into their performance and I’m always wowed by what they are capable of.”

Klum also suggests to possible future acts that “Always be true to yourself. Do what makes you happy. Don’t come audition with some talent that you think will get the most laughs or claps. Do what you love and stick to it. Master that. The audience loves to see people who love what they’re doing. Maybe also ask a really honest, close friend for feedback before you come on,” Klum said.

Klum also said the biggest error contestants make is forgetting the audience and home voters. “A lot of people come on stage and forget to connect with the audience. Performing is all about forming that connection. The viewers at home are voting. You want to show them your special sauce,” Klum said.

According to Hollywood Life, Klum and the America’s Got Talent judges, Mel B (39), Howie Mandel (59), Howard Stern (61), and host Nick Cannon (34), kicked off Season 10 of the venerable show on Tuesday, May 26. The first act, Noah and Elin, ages 8 and 7, performed a stunning dance routine to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This. Klum and the other judges were immediately impressed with their execution. Next up was 28-year-old hypnotist Chris Jones, who did the unthinkable and hypnotized judge Howie Mandel, a well-known germophobe, to shake his hands with Klum, something Mandel does not do. Mandel greets people with a fist bump. Jones’ efforts convinced judge Howard Stern to change his original “X” vote to keeping Jones.

Next up was the foursome gymnast group Show Project. Four male gymnasts got everyone’s attention with their gymnasts’ physiques, but it was their tumbling and acrobatics that got them voted to the next round, including female judges Klum and Mel B.

The last two performers brought tears to everyone. Johnny Shelton, 25, sang an original song about the loss of his 5-year-old son to cancer called “That’s Love,” which Klum described as “beautiful.” Drew Lynch, 23, once suffered a sports injury that causes him to stutter. He became a stand-up comedian to deal with his stuttering. Mandel was so impressed, Mandel pressed the golden buzzer.

Heidi Klum and the America’s Got Talent judges are on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

[Image courtesy of the Pursuitist]