Jessica Alba: Forbes Cover Salutes Paleo Princess As Rich Self-Made Woman With $200M From Honest Company [Photos]

Jessica Alba has become a Forbes phenom as the publication names the actress/entrepreneur as one of the nation’s richest self-made women. Alba earned that title by raking in a $200 million fortune, reported the Daily Mail.

Earning the Forbes cover for her entrepreneurial enterprise, Jessica is only 34-years-old. But when she co-founded The Honest Company, Alba made history. Now, it has a billion-dollar valuation, and Jessica has a 15 to 20 percent stake in the company.

Because Forbes tracks various categories, she almost made the Top 50 list. Judge Judy and Beyonce vied for the 49th place. However, Alba did go neck-and-neck with actress Sandra Bullock when it came to her personal wealth.

So, what inspired Jessica to create a company with the name “Honest” in its title? Travel back to 2008, when Alba was engaged to Cash Warren. Delighted at a baby shower with the adorable onesies that she was gifted, Jessica was told to use baby detergent to pre-wash the infant attire.

But that friendly advice turned into a health disaster as Alba ached with hives. So, Jessica began her hunt for eco-friendly holistic products.

Jessica Alba earned recognition.
Jessica Alba earned recognition from Forbes for The Honest Company.

When she couldn’t find what she wanted, Alba decided to create her own “honest” products, reported People.

And the rest is business history. Now, The Honest Company offers consumers who want to go natural everything from skincare to diapers, all of which are free of toxins and chemicals.

For Jessica’s children, 6-year-old Honor and 3-year-old Haven, the recognition of what their mommy has achieved may take awhile to sink in. But the 34-year-old actress takes pride in her business “baby.”

Joining Alba in her enterprise are her partners Christopher Gavigan, Sean Kane, and Brian Lee. They share Jessica’s desire to fulfill a niche for natural products.

“I felt like my needs weren’t being met as a modern person,” explained Jessica. “I want beautiful design like everybody else. But it shouldn’t be premium-priced, and it should, of course, be safe.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jessica also follows a natural diet. She bases on her food plan on the Paleo diet, which emphasizes unprocessed protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. In addition, to maintain her slender yet toned body, Alba does CrossFit.

But the energetic entrepreneur always makes time for her daughters.

“I want my girls to know that beauty is being kind…beauty is helping people…beauty is humility,” said Jessica.

And ultimately, The Honest Company is for her girls.

“I really am building The Honest Company for them. I’m really hoping that … The Honest Company is some place that they would like to work later, when they’re older. If not [working for The Honest Company], I hope they’re inspired to be entrepreneurs. And to really push the envelope on you know what they can do with their life and how they can make an impact.”

In addition, Jessica desires to educate others.

“People need access to good, quality education and they need access to the answers. So, we’re here at The Honest Company to do that,” she added.

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