Prowler Misses Lottery Ticket For Powerball Winning Numbers In Seattle

When a car prowler misses a lottery ticket while combing through your vehicle for valuables to steal, you have to consider yourself fairly lucky. When you realize this same lottery ticket had the potential for having the Powerball jackpot winning numbers, then that puts your good fortune on a completely different plane entirely.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the Mega Millions winning numbers for May 29 could make you $233 million richer if you happen to win the jackpot.

It was not only the prowler who missed the lottery ticket; even the Seattle couple who purchased the Powerball winning numbers did not realize how much money they had won until recently. The lucky Powerball winners bought the winning lottery ticket from Iman’s Deli-Market on February 10, which was the day before the $500 million Powerball jackpot drawing. Oddly enough, they did not check to see if they had the Powerball winning numbers right away. Instead, they stashed the lottery ticket in their car.

Fast forward weeks later, and they realized a thief had broken into their car and stolen a pair of sunglasses. Fortunately for them, the prowler missed the lottery ticket even though it was sitting right under the sunglasses. When the Seattle couple finally did bother to check the Powerball jackpot winning numbers they realized they had come fairly close, winning a second-tier prize.

Still, having a close call with a $1 million Powerball ticket is nothing to sneeze at. The lottery ticket was not checked until May 14, and that is when they realized could have happened if the prowler had not missed their lottery ticket.

Other than celebrating the misfortune of one unlucky prowler, the Seattle couple says they plan on taking trips to Iceland and Paris. According to The Seattle Times, the Powerball winning numbers are also financing an upgrade to their house. Perhaps they should also consider installing a car security system, as well?

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