Duggars To Be Polygraphed? Dr. Phil Extends Invite

The child molestation controversy surrounding the Duggars is going off the rails, and now the latest development is sure to attract a lot of attention. Dr. Phil McGraw has reached out to Jim Bob and Josh with the invitation to take polygraph tests on a taping of his popular daytime television show. Perez Hilton reports that even though Dr. Phil is on hiatus, it’s no surprise that the current situation has attracted the attention of show producers.

An insider close to Dr. Phil reportedly revealed the information with a simple and blunt statement.

“Even though the Dr. Phil show is on hiatus, a formal offer was extended to Josh Duggar and Jim Bob, to be guests on the program. Producers want Josh and Jim Bob to take lie detector tests about the girls he molested as a teenager.”

It should be noted that the Duggar family has already declared that they wouldn’t be doing any interviews at this time — which is probably for the best considering the media and much of the public is tearing them apart. However, Dr. Phil has been known to land sensitive interviews during highly tense times during controversies with people such as Mama June Shannon and even Casey Anthony’s parents.

Do you think Jim Bob and Josh Duggar should take polygraph tests either on or off the Dr. Phil program? If so, what kinds of questions do you think they should both be made to answer? There have been numerous questions circulating all over social media regarding this child molestation controversy and TLC’s apparent relaxed handling of the situation (in contrast to how they handled the Honey Boo Boo controversy).

Josh Duggar is accused of molesting multiple children, including his own siblings, in incidents that took place during his teenage years. He has admitted to it, as have his loved ones, but the controversy surrounding this case involves the apparent lack of justice for the young female victims in the family who have remained silent during this entire situation.

[Photo: Duggar family via Eonline]