Woman Dies After Fall From Fair Attraction

A woman has died after a fall from a county fair attraction. California authorities confirmed 31-year-old Sabrina Gordon sustained critical injuries in a fall from a 36-foot platform at the San Bernardino County fair. Although she was transported to a local hospital for treatment, Gordon was later pronounced dead.

The accident occurred on the FreeDrop USA attraction, which allows thrill-seekers to jump from a 36-foot-high platform — without the aide of a harness. Essentially, participants are given an opportunity to free-fall through the air into an air-filled cushion below.

According to witnesses, Gordon planned to jump from the FreeDrop USA attraction. However, at the last minute, she appeared to change her mind.

As reported by VVNG, the woman positioned herself and began to jump off the platform. Unfortunately, she panicked and reached back for the safety bar.

Shannon Waldron, who witnessed the disturbing scene, said an employee attempted to assist Gordon. Unfortunately, the woman swung around, struck the scaffolding, and fell to the ground.

Paramedics on scene administered CPR, but Sabrina Gordon did not regain consciousness. She was transported to Victor Valley Global Medical Center, and eventually airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. However, it was simply too late.

Authorities later confirmed the woman died after falling from the fair attraction.

San Bernardino County fair general manager Geoff Hinds confirmed the FreeDrop USA attraction will be closed until further notice. Hinds also confirmed the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department launched a full investigation into the tragic accident.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, the attraction, which is operated by FD Event Co. LLC, made its California debut at the San Bernardino County fair.

Despite the fact that a woman died after falling from the fair attraction, company owner Aspen Decker said FreeDrop USA “had over 50,000 successful jumps across multiple states” without incident.

As reported by CBS, Sabrina Gordon’s father, Lyle Bell, is not convinced — and plans to take legal action against the attraction’s owner.

Bell said his daughter was a disabled navy veteran, who was running a recruitment booth at the fair. However, he is unsure why she decided to “get on that thing,” as she is “afraid of heights.”

Although a woman died in a fall from the fair attraction, it is scheduled to appear at county and state fairs in Wyoming, Iowa, and Florida.

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