Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Helped A Teen Save A Toddler’s Life

It isn’t often that watching television provides a useful skill applicable to the real world. But that’s exactly what happened to Grey’s Anatomy fan Ashley Giron, who saved the life of a 2-year-old.

According to the New York Daily News, frequently watching Grey’s Anatomy helped the teenager perform CPR on the injured toddler, who tumbled from a third story Brooklyn window in Borough Park. Giron says she saw the mother of 2-year-old Nygeana Civil holding the young girl and screaming on Wednesday night. The teen “dove right in,” applying CPR techniques she learned from episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to revive the 2-year-old.

“I had no thought but to help her,” Ashley said. “I checked her pulse, the wrist and neck. I didn’t feel anything so I started CPR.”

In order to save the child, Giron had to perform chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Thanks to the teen’s quick thinking and love for Grey’s Anatomy, the child started breathing again.

“After I stopped, after a few a seconds, she gasped for air. It was such a relief.”

According to local news, Ashley also helped calm down the mother, who was nearly hysterical.

“She was screaming and crying,” she said. “We were trying to calm her down, but as a mother, just horrible feeling for her.”

When asked where she learned how to perform CPR, Giron admitted she had no proper training and had only picked up the skill from the internet and watching television.

“Honestly, I would watch a lot of soap operas like Grey’s Anatomy and all that.”

Despite Ashley’s remarkable ability to save the girl’s life just by watching Grey’s Anatomy, the child is still in critical condition at Lutheran Medical Center. Both Giron and the neighbors are praying that the child recovers, but at least she has a chance.

“Seeing her mother like that, it’s not something you see every day,” Ashley said with tears in her eyes. “So it was definitely traumatic for me.”

Authorities are now investigating how the girl could have fallen from the third story window, especially since there were window guards in place. Neighbors believe the 2-year-old might have been reaching for a toy when she fell out. The child’s aunt told police that Nygeana’s mother is otherwise very attentive and loving.

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[Image credit: New York Daily News]

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