Penny Hayes: Argument Over Basic Math In Facebook Yard Sale Group Goes Viral, Gets Woman Kicked Out

Arguments on the internet are those things that people say you should never get into because it’s sort of like arguing with a brick wall. That was the case for one woman who was in a “Yard Sale” group on Facebook where she was selling some laundry detergent. Once she listed two prices, things got a bit out of hand as basic math appeared to elude a number of people in the group.

A woman named Penny Hayes was a part of a yard sale group and she was attempting to sell some bottles of laundry detergent. She had a pretty good deal going too as she was selling small bottles for $0.35 each or in bulk for a total of 48 bottles for $12.

This is where things began to get complicated.

penny hayes 1

penny hayes facebook yard sale basic math

As you can see, Hayes was merely attempting to explain that she wasn’t trying to rip anyone off. If anyone wanted to purchase the bottles of laundry detergent in bulk, they could get a bit of a discount. Buying them individually would cost them more per item.

Seems rather simple, right?

Well, it would have been, but others couldn’t grasp the concept either. It was at this point that an admin for the Facebook yard sale group joined in on the conversation, and shockingly, she wasn’t on the side of Hayes.

penny hayes facebook yard sale basic math

This was when other people started coming in and trying to break down the math for those that didn’t quite get it. Actually, it’s not even a basic math issue, but one that goes with getting a bargain for buying in bulk.

Still, there were those that came into the conversation and decided to not read the entire conversation, but merely throw in their two cents. Many of them couldn’t grasp the concept of the deal that Yates was trying to give and thought she was trying to scam people.

penny hayes facebook yard sale basic math

This whole thing happened just two days ago on May 27, and Hayes took it upon herself to screenshot everything and post the conversation to her Facebook. Since then, it has been liked almost 15,000 times and shared close to 400 times.

People are commenting with their own opinions, and one even brought forth notice of the admin of the group named Christi Morgan. It appears as if she was charged in a crime and hit with a lawsuit back in 2012 for swindling an elderly woman out of her life savings in Tennessee.

UPDATE: Apparently, admin Christi Morgan had put up an apology post for her role in this situation, but quickly deleted it.

When getting into arguments on Facebook, make sure that you are well prepared to handle whatever is thrown your way. In the case of Penny Hayes in the yard sale group, she entered battle and clearly outmatched her opponents.

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