WWE News: WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens Wants To Be In ‘Money In The Bank’ Match

Kevin Owens made an impact on WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown, respectively. Aside from landing a pop-up powerbomb on John Cena two weeks in a row, he came on WWE Smackdown and was interviewed by Michael Cole. In short, Owens said he was going to defeat Cena at the Elimination Chamber and that the real champ was here.

Owens is easily receiving the biggest push of any WWE NXT superstar on the main roster so far. It’s as if he’s already a WWE superstar, even though he holds the NXT championship. Right now, Owens is advertised for every WWE Raw until SummerSlam. It’s quite obvious the WWE is building Owens to be something special.

That being said, three huge pay-per-views are coming up soon: Money in the Bank, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series. Aside from the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, they are the high-profile shows to be a part of. Not only does Kevin Owens want to be involved in WWE Raw, but he wants to participate at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam.

“I have interest in competing in every big event like Money in the Bank or Elimination Chamber or SummerSlam or whatever it is. I want to be part of those shows, I want to be part of that product that’s where I want to be. So regardless of what match I would be it whether it be a MITB Ladder Match or if I was just wrestling anybody on that show I definitely want to be there, that’s the goal, absolutely. I think beating John Cena at theElimination Chamber would probably give me a pretty good shot at being [in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match] so that’s what I’m thinking about.”

Owens’ demeanor is infectious and so is his work-ethic. When he talks about doing everything for his family, that’s not a simple WWE promo. Owens truly means what he says on WWE programming. After the video of his son reacting to his WWE Raw debut, it’s clear that Owens is a dedicated father.

Wrestling means the world to Kevin Owens, who has been competing for 15 years. Now Owens is on the fast track to being a main event talent for the WWE.

Since debuting on the WWE NXT roster in December, he’s done nothing but dominate the landscape. As seen on WWE NXT two nights ago, he decimated Solomon Crowe until Samoa Joe came out. WWE is very lucky to have Owens because he will dominate the WWE main roster, just like he is now with WWE NXT.

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