Shark Attacks Seal: Fur Seal Terrified To Venture Back In Water Following Gruesome Shark Attack

A shark attacked a seal in Australia this week and many are worried about him. The young animal looked petrified and acted scared to venture back into the waters of Sydney’s Freshwater Beach. Onlookers were worried about the large gaping wound on the top of his body.

Daily Mail Australia reports that the young male seal suffered a deep gash near his tail and the wound is very serious, according to maritime rescue group ORRCA spokeswoman, Shona Lorigan.

‘The wound looks awful and is very serious,” says Lorigan. “However, the seal is still active and able to return to the water.”

Photos published on the news source show the injured seal resting on the rocks Thursday, scared to go back into the water where he suffered an unexpected shark attack. A veterinarian assessment by Taronga Wildlife Hospital learned the cause of the seal’s injury and is monitoring the seal over the next few days to see if he can recover on his own.

“The seal is very skittish, flighty and reacts strongly if people are nearby,’ Lorigan said. “ORRCA members will be on site to carefully watch over the seal and ensure that he is given as much space as possible.”

The Telegraph adds that it was hard for scientists to tell what kind of shark bit the seal pup. The big gash wound is located on the seal’s flank. Lorigan did say that it appeared to be a “very big one,” as sharks are seals’ main predators.

“It’s not uncommon to see seals with shark bites as sharks are their natural predators,” Lorigan said.

See photos here of the injured seal after the shark attack.

Lawrence Orel from the National Parks and Wildlife Service said they would continue monitoring the seal, but want to try capturing him while he’s still “mobile.” He said seals are “quite hardy and can recover from quite gruesome looking wounds.” He says that although these types of wounds on an animal are distressing, it’s “how the ecosystem works.”

It seems apparent that a shark attacked the young seal, but whales were seen swimming around Freshwater Beach on Wednesday.

The northern whale migration is said to run from mid-May until late July. The large sea creatures are heading to warmer waters for mating season or to give birth.

Anyone who sees a wounded whale, dolphin, or seal is asked to contact ORRCA’s 24-hour rescue hotline.

A few shark attacks have also struck humans this spring. On Sunday, a 13-year-old girl was bit by a shark and she’s had to put her dreams of competing in the Junior Olympics on hold. The Inquisitr also wrote about that story that can be read here.

[Photo Credit: Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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