New 'Mean Girls' Regina George Deleted Scene Might Just Make Fetch Happen For Fans [VIDEO]

Shayla D

If you're a fan of the movie Mean Girls, Regina George is about to make your day fetch with a previously unreleased scene from the cult classic film. The scene features a friendly bathroom interaction between Regina and her arch enemy, Cady, at the big Spring Fling dance. True Mean Girls fans will also find amusement in a brief cameo by Amy Poehler as Regina's "cool mom."

As Regina George enters the bathroom, she and Cady have a conversation about Regina's little tussle with a certain school bus that left her in a back brace and halo. There's no explanation as to why the scene didn't make the Mean Girls cut other than it shows a slightly softer side of George.

Mean Girls was written by Tina Fey and starred Lindsay Lohan as new schoolgirl Cady Herron and Rachel McAdams as the queen bee of Northshore High. Cady spends her time trying to help unravel the clique of girls who relentlessly judge and pick on their classmates but eventually becomes one of Regina's closest frenemies and a mean girl herself.

Mean Girls, which came out in 2004, became an instant hit, but emerged as a cult classic and one of the most highly quotable movies of all time with its quick wit and one liners. Regina George, the quintessential mean girl, is still one of the most meme'd characters on the internet.

Fans of the flick have been hoping for a Mean Girls reunion movie but no plans have been announced. Instead, earlier in the year, Fey announced that she and husband Jeffrey Richmond are currently working on Mean Girls: The Musical though Richmond said in March that it was only about 60 percent written so far.

And for the wealthy Mean Girls fans, it was just announced that the house featured as Regina George's humble abode is on the market now for a $14.8million. If you can swing the mortgage, you too can have a meeting of the mean girls to write in the burn book while your little sister wiggles to the Blackeyed Peas.

For those Mean Girls fans with empty pockets, however, you can watch this fetch deleted scene for free. Enjoy!

Watch Regina George's deleted Mean Girls scene here:

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