Should The Twin Peaks Restaurant Where A Biker Shootout Occurred Be Sold Or Demolished?

Tensions are still running high after the biker brawl and subsequent shootout in a Twin Peaks restaurant earlier this month. After a large cache of weapons were retrieved following the May 17 shootout, and with tensions still mounting in relation to the Bandidos biker gang and local Waco police, concerns are now being raised over what to do with the restaurant.

It has been confirmed that the Twin Peaks licensee, Peaktastic Beverage LLC, has lost its licensing rights to the Twin Peaks name. On Wednesday, all Twin Peaks signage was removed from the premises and officials have announced that “a Twin Peaks restaurant will never again operate at that location.” Peaktastic also owns a Twin Peaks restaurant in Harker Heights but negotiations are underway to have the company removed.

According to the Waco Trib, the restaurant where nine bikers were killed and 18 others wounded, is creating heated debate among local real estate agents now that their franchise license has been revoked. Some agents think the Twin Peaks restaurant will need to be “totally razed because it won’t get over the stigma.” Others — like realtor Mike Meadows — think it is still a viable market space as it is.

“I think there is a very good chance there would be another food use considered for that location. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

According to Chris Gutierrez from Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Services, the site will need to sold as a clean site, adding that the specific use and nature of the Twin Peaks restaurant will deter potential buyers. Considering the restaurant is built to look like a hunting lodge, it might be some time before anyone will consider the building as anything but the place where a lot of blood was shed. Although, perhaps over time, the restaurant will lose some of the stigma, says Randy Reid from The Reid Company.

“I think it’s hard to assign blame to a building. Given a little bit of time, and by that I mean six months to a couple of years, I think memories of what happened there will fade, and I can see using that building.”

However, with three more bikers released after having their bond reduced, it might be a significant amount of time before locals finally forget what happened there.

The current owner of the Twin Peaks structure, Store Master Funding VI LLC, could not be reached for comment as of Thursday.

What do you think, should the Twin Peaks restaurant be razed or sold as is? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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