‘Marvel Heroes’ Celebrates Anniversary Of Popular X-Men Issue With Huge Sale

In May, 1975, the popular and important issue of Giant Size X-Men #1 released and the developer of the Marvel Heroes wanted to revel in its 40th anniversary. Gazillion Entertainment is taking 40 percent off all X-Men purchases made from the Marvel Heroes‘ in-game store right now. That includes heroes, costumes, team-ups, and pets.

The issue being celebrated introduced several recognizable X-Men, most of which are in Marvel Heroes, while cementing previously introduced characters to the team. It is an important step in the history of X-Men making it quite meaningful to a game centered on the characters from Marvel.

“It also singlehandedly introduced such iconic characters as Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus, while also inducting Wolverine to the team.”

The sale extends to all the X-Men currently available in Marvel Heroes. This includes well-known heroes like those listed above and others like Jean Grey, Deadpool, and Emma Frost. Many other X-Men and their costumes are also discounted while team-ups like Domino, Firestarter, and Magik as well. This extends to all X-Men heroes and costumes with one exception. Iceman’s latest costume, his All New X-Men Costume, is not part of the sale considering it released the same day the sale started. It is unclear when the X-Men sale will end.

Buying something during this X-Men sale is doubly economic. There is also a sale on Gs, the currency purchased with real money needed to buy something from the in-game store, going on simultaneously. By buying Gs from the Marvel Heroes website or through the game itself, players will receive an extra 15 percent in Gs. This bonus has been going on for a while now, but the developer announced today that the special has been extended through this weekend.

“I spoke to the big boss and we’re going to extend it to at least through this weekend.”

If X-Men and a sale on currency do not peak an interest, Dr. Doom, the 48th playable character is now available for pre-sale, and the anniversary for Marvel Heroes is just around the corner. New costumes and an all new play mode were added when Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was released, and more updates are on the way. As the Inquisitr reported, the team-up revamp should be coming soon; likely around the time the Marvel Heroes anniversary is commemorated.

Do sales like these influence your decision to play a game or buy something from an in-game store?

[Images via Marvel Heroes]