Celebrate National Burger Day With A 20,000 Calorie Cheeseburger

Eight half-pound burger patties, several slices of cheese, and 40 pieces of bacon, and all the other added ingredients you want, and it comes to a total of 20,000 calories, if you can finish it. A great way to celebrate National Burger Day today, Newsweek reports. This massive burger is the Octuple Bypass Burger served at the Las Vegas-based Heart Attack Grill. This huge burger will set you back $21.28.

The Heart Attack Grill is likely the most politically incorrect burger joint you could eat at, today on National Burger Day or any other day of the year. The owner of the establishment, who goes by Dr. Jon, dresses like a doctor, and the waitresses are dressed up like nurses. The food served there are called prescriptions, and the restaurant advertises that customers weighing 350 pounds can eat free burgers.

The burgers are called “Bypass Burgers,” and are available from single, double, triple, and quadruple, all the up to the 8-burger pattie octuple bypass burger. They exclusively use half pound burger patties on all burgers. Customers who can’t finish their burgers are spanked by one of the nurses — that is, waitresses — with a paddle.

The Heart Attack Grill offers what it calls a “Vegan Menu,” which consists of cigarettes that they promise contain no meat additives. The unhealthy-sounding theme is also extended by serving french fries, cooked in lard, with all their burgers. Beer and other forms of alcohol are also available at The Heart Attack Grill.

The Octuple Bypass Burger is the Guinness World Record holder for the most calories in a hamburger. If you think you weigh more than 350 pounds, weigh in with one of the nurses, and you might just eat your Octuple Bypass Burger for free!

Today is National Burger Day, and there are many options for fans of burgers to celebrate it today, International Business Times reports. Burgers are among America’s favorite comfort foods, and they originated in Hamburg, Germany, where ground beef patties were invented.

No matter where you are, there are no doubt many places where you can enjoy a wide variety of burgers. Burgers come in all shapes and sizes, and those who enjoy them can order them with a variety of condiments and other foods to eat on them.

One variation is the 2000 calorie “The Whole Damn Farm” burger, reported by the Inquisitr, which is served by Splendid Kitchen in Manchester, England. This burger, priced at $20, includes bacon, ham, pulled pork, two burger patties, and eating one would be like eating six McDonalds Big Mac sandwiches.

[Photo of the Quadruple Bypass Burger by Joshua Lott / Reuters]

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