‘The Bachelorette’ Amy Schumer Season Hopes Are Dashed By Comedian As Fans Buzz

Comedian Amy Schumer was a huge hit on this week’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season as she helped with a comedy group date and bantered with the guys. She was such a hit that buzz quickly escalated that perhaps she should headline her own season. While an offer was theoretically made and accepted, it looks like Schumer is ready to call it a day on this one before things go any further.

The idea came together after Monday’s episode, and an ABC executive made an “official” offer to Schumer on Tuesday via Twitter. He said if she said yes they’d start her season immediately and he even threw together a hashtag to represent the effort to draft Amy as the next Bachelorette lead. Amy soon replied that she was on her way.

Bachelorette fans naturally love the idea in theory, as Amy was hilarious during Monday’s episode. That said, it doesn’t seem that anybody took this one all that seriously. From a logistical standpoint, there wasn’t much basis to believe this could even come together, but it was a fun prospect for a bit.

On Thursday, show creator Mike Fleiss decided to kick the fun and buzz up a notch. He tweeted a tease that he couldn’t confirm or deny that he was meeting with Amy in Beverly Hills at an undisclosed location. It seems that this is where Schumer decided to get off the “Amy as Bachelorette” ride though.

Amy soon tweeted, “.@fleissmeister ok well I’ll deny it. I have [a] show in Boston tonight. Have fun in bev hills!”

There’s little doubt that a season of Amy Schumer as the Bachelorette lead would be a hoot, though surely quite inappropriate at times. As Reality Steve points out, though, it’s not as if Amy would need to take on a gig like this. Schumer has built a hot and strong brand with her own show now and she’s a bit too busy to take on a season of leading the show even if she were actually interested.

The current Bachelorette 2015 season is airing now and Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres in August. After that, filming will come together for the Bachelor 2016 season and there is already buzz building about which guy will hand out roses. There will surely be another Bachelorette season coming next spring, but there won’t be a lead confirmed for that until February or March of 2016.

Even if Amy Schumer won’t be the Bachelorette lead at some point, she did have a fun guest appearance and many would imagine she would be welcomed back any time she would be willing to make it work. The comedy she brings is definitely a bit of fun in the wake of rumors about the ending for the Bachelorette 2015 season and the disappointing Bachelor news that just came out about Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff splitting.

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