Candice Bergen’s 2006 Stroke Confirmed, She Gives A Full Explanation For Her Secrecy

Actress Candice Bergen hasn’t spoken publicly about a stroke she suffered in 2006 but now the 65-year-old is opening up about her stroke while explaining that she didn’t want her health to become “a liability” in an industry that looks for healthy actresses to take on leading lady roles.

When she was first hospitalized for a “minor” stroke her reps dismissed the claims, telling the public that she was being treated for a simple case of high blood pressure.

Now Bergen says the media was right on the button about her condition which she kept hidden so she would continue to receive work. At the time of the 2006 stroke Candice Bergen took some time off from filming Boston Legal so she could rest, two weeks later she was back to filming.

Candice this week told New York Magazine:

“I just don’t want it to be a liability.”

When asked about her mental state following the stroke Bergen revealed:

“My memory is just … not quite the same.”

The actress isn’t a stranger to hospitals, while not as severe she managed to end up back in the hospital last winter when she fell off her bicycle and broke her pelvis. Bergen says after that fall she realized that her body isn’t what it use to be:

“(I thought), ‘Wow, now I can fall and I’ll break.'”

As a fan of Boston Legal I would never have guessed while watching later episodes of the show that Candice Bergen had suffered a stroke in 2006, she’s quite the incredible survivor.