Rush Hour Road Rage Shooting: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded After Fatal Shootout In Washington, D.C.

A rush hour road rage shooting happened Thursday morning on a Washington, D.C. highway. Things turned bad when one of the drivers fired off bullets at another in a different car — killing one person and injuring the other in a black SUV.

The road rage incident unfolded at exit 1 near the Maryland border, according to police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Lanes in both directions were shut down after the rush hour road rage scene — until the southbound lanes were reopened. Northbound lanes were closed a little longer so investigators could complete their examination of the scene.

Lanier has asked witnesses to contact them about the altercation.

“We have what appears to be a road rage incident between two cars,” Lanier told WJLA-TV. “One car is a black SUV with Virginia tags … both of the occupants of that vehicle have been shot. We believe there’s another vehicle that was involved.”

Neither of the victims in the road rage fallout has been identified. It’s unknown what the condition is of the injured individual.

Authorities think that the shooting might be related to a second incident involving four men who are suspected in a series of robberies — they escaped from cops in a car. At the time, police fired shots at their vehicle, but they were able to drive off to Prince George’s County, Maryland, before fleeing from the vehicle.

The Washington Times reports that police fired at the car because Lanier said the suspects tried running over cops.

The car crashed near 25th Street and Palmer Place in Southeast, and when officers started their approach to the car, Lanier said the driver “attempted to ram officers.” One police officer fired, but no injuries to officer nor the car’s passengers were reported.

Three of the men were apprehended and a gun recovered, police said.

An investigation into the rush hour road rage shooting is still being conducted. This is a developing story.

Other articles on Inquisitr have covered news stories about road rage. It wasn’t long ago that someone recording a road rage incident between the driver of a sports car and an elderly truck driver got out of hand. A sports car cut off a semi-truck, and the driver of the sports car unleashed his fury on the truck driver for allegedly hitting a part of his car when he didn’t see him. Things could have gotten much worse had the man with the video camera not intervened.

[Photo Credit: WJLA screenshot]

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