Andrea Dalzell, Mom Of 4, Found ‘Better Use’ For Childcare Benefits, And It’s Infuriating

Andrea Dalzell, a British mom of four, has found a “better use” for more than $30,000 in childcare benefits, according to a new report from the Daily Mail.

Instead of using the monies for their original purpose, she instead applied it to extensive plastic surgery for herself.

But unlike all those suckers out there willing to pay full price, she feels she should be commended for traveling as far as Budapest for discount prices, and she insists that her kids “have never wanted for anything” in comments to the Sun.

The two U.K. sites report that Andrea Dalzell has had face, neck, and eyebrow lifts, as well as Botox and wrinkle fills on her forehead.

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She also underwent a breast enlargement surgery going from her natural size 34A to an E cup.

The unemployed mom has no plans of slowing down, no matter what government officials and taxpayers may think.

“I have always known I would have surgery, having wrinkles and bags and going gray just isn’t for me,” she insisted, adding that the next likely procedure would be for buttocks enhancement.

She wants a “Brazilian butt,” she said.

Jonathan Isaby, the chief executive for the British Taxpayers’ Alliance, is furious with Dalzell, issuing the following statement.

“Benefit payments are supposed to be used as a safety net for the most vulnerable, not as a fund for cosmetic surgery. With finances so tight, benefits must only go to those who really need them.”

This isn’t a theory that the 48-year-old Dalzell subscribes to, and it’s also not something she passed along to her children. Just last year, her 22-year-old daughter, Sophie, hit the front page of various news outlets for missing a probation meeting due to her own breast implant surgery.

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Many on Facebook were furious with Andrea Dalzell. This quote from Toni Hatcher sums up the sentiment.

“I feel she should be made to pay every penny back to that state, and the system should be sued for allowing such bulls**t, cut her off assistance immediately.”

Love her or hate her, Dalzell is certainly not the first person to abuse a welfare system. Take this previous story from the Inquisitr in which a woman demanded that the welfare system pay for her $15,000 wedding, stating that it was her “basic human right.”

Do stories like this and that of Andrea Dalzell infuriate you? Should she be made to pay back the money? Sound off in the comments section!

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