‘GTA V’: Grappling Hook And Tether Make For A Wild Ride

There’s been a lot written lately about the new modifications to GTA V and how they can enhance the experience. There’s so many of them, in fact, that most gamers probably haven’t had the time to familiarize themselves with all the new abilities, from the ability to control the weather and create a climate disaster to the ability to unarm all police agents in the game and turn it into something akin to The Purge. Not to overwhelm you or anything, but there’s even more excitement for you experienced gamers: a grappling hook. That’s already available, and the developer says a tether is coming soon. Why, you may ask?

The grappling hook was originally introduced in Just Cause 2 in 2010 and re-introduced in 2013. Although the concept isn’t new, it’s new to Grand Theft Auto, and on top of all the other wild mods, can make for an ever crazier experience. In fact, the grappling hook was one of the standout features of the game. The hook, when combined with a physics engine, could tether any two inanimate objects, people, or vehicles together. There’s much to explore with a myriad of combinations involving enemies, helicopters, vehicles, and buildings. The addition of multiple players can lead to unbelievable chaos.

According to Digital Trends, Modder JulioNIB will add a new ability to the grappling hook in the next update: the ability to add action heroics and even hijack a car with the hook. Check out a clip of potential grappling hook action as portrayed by JulioNIB and reported by Digital Trends.

It’s important for dedicated GTA V fans and gamers to remember that this new version is really only just beginning — it’s only around a month old. It’s really interesting to imagine all the new and unbelievable twists and turns that may be possible with the addition of even more mods and the history of Rockstar, who always keeps the game new and enticing to players.

Rockstar Games doesn’t mind the modding, either, as long as it’s kept offline. The company has said that players won’t be banned as long as the mods are kept where they belong. So have fun and enjoy, but be aware that not all mods may be what they seem. It’s probably a good idea to do a little research to find out the legitimacy of a mod before you tinker with it. A few weeks ago, a mod called “Angry Planes” was found to have embedded malware, which you definitely do not want. There’s always a risk when you mess with a good thing, so investigate and make your tweaking work for you.

[image via YouTube]