‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Finds Out What Theresa Did, Lucas & Adrienne Go Public

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday reveal that Brady Black will be furious when he finds out what Theresa Donovan has done. Viewers watched on Wednesday as Theresa told Brady’s girlfriend, Melanie Jonas, that she was planning to take the son she shares with Brady, Tate, and move him to California to be with her mother and father, Shane and Kim.

We Love Soaps reports Brady will find out about the ultimatum that Theresa gave Melanie and will probably go off on his baby mama. Brady recently asked Melanie to marry him, so the fact that Mel would consider leaving Salem for the sake of Brady’s happiness and the future of his son is something really selfless.

Days of Our Lives fans know that Melanie has not always been selfless. In fact, when she first came to town, she was pretty selfish but has transformed into a new person after finding out that her real parents were Dr. Daniel Jonas and Carly Manning. Unfortunately for Brady, it looks like Melanie will leave town to save his relationship with his son.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the actress who plays Melanie Jonas, Molly Burnett, has already left the show, and her last air date is in early June. It would seem that Melanie takes Theresa’s words to heart and decides to leave Salem again. Will she return to Europe to be with her mother, or possibly travel to another destination to explore the next phase in her life? Either way, Brady, Daniel, and Maggie will all be so very sad to see her go.

Meanwhile, Theresa Donovan’s evil plan to get Brady back and put her family together will begin to work. Now that Melanie is out of the picture, she can start to try and get back in Brady’s good graces, although it will be considering the history they share together.

In other Days of Our Lives couples news, Lucas Horton and Adrienne Kiriakis will prepare to take their relationship public. If they actually do go public, they will likely be under scrutiny as people in Salem know that Adrienne is married to Justin Kiriakis. Although their relationship has been very rocky and they’ve both cheated on one another, they are still married, and no one has filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Victor will assign Justin a new work partner and it will be Lucas’ mother, Kate Roberts. Neither Justin nor Kate will like working together, but they could team up to end Lucas and Adrienne’s relationship.

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