Ali Vincent Marry Ceremony: ‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Marries Jennifer Krusing, Flaunts 112-Pound Weight Loss [Photos]

Ali Vincent is happy about her merry marry announcement. The Biggest Loser winner is celebrating after her wedding to girlfriend Jennifer Krusing. in front of family and close friends, reported E! News.

“Life doesn’t get better than this,” posted Ali. “I love these people xxoo.”

Vincent, who made history by becoming the first female to take home the grand prize from The Biggest Loser, showed her appreciation to the friends and relatives who cherished every moment of the marriage ceremony.

Keeping her daughter company, just as she had as her partner on The Biggest Loser, was Ali’s mother Betty Sue Burkland.

Ali Vincent ready to marry.
Ali Vincent is ready to marry in this pre-ceremony photo.

And that stunning, sparkling wedding gown gave Vincent the chance to show off her success in maintaining her 112-pound weight loss.

Ali participated in season five of The Biggest Loser, beginning her journey at 234 pounds.

Working with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, Vincent took off the pounds steadily. At the finals, she revealed that she had lost 112 pounds, weighing in at 122 pounds.

“Every accomplishment begins with the decision to TRY,” Ali once declared. “Stay motivated and you too can succeed!”

Ali Vincent is merry over her marry news.
Ali Vincent can’t stop smiling over her merry marry news.

Since taking home the grand prize from The Biggest Loser, Ali also has become a star for sharing her weight loss success to help others, reported She Knows.

She’s authored books, and even has her own Live Well Network show. Vincent has become famed for her motivational posts on Facebook and Instagram as well.

As for her The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels, life since Ali’s happy win on the show has had its rocky moments, as the Inquisitr reported.

Michaels found herself getting criticized by producers and some participants for giving her team supplements to help them. Because she had not gotten those supplements approved prior to handing them out to her team, Jillian was forced to suffer the consequences.

However, a controversy erupted over whether she was then fired from The Biggest Loser or voluntarily resigned.

“I asked for changes and they said no, so in my opinion I believe it was their choice. I was willing to stay if certain changes were made and they said no.”

Putting the ball in their court, Jillian made it clear that she feels she was let go. Carefully refraining from using the f word (fired, not fat), Michaels insinuated that the changes she urged them to make were for the contestants’ safety, and that the producers’ refusal endangered candidates for the cash prize.

Although Ali Vincent weighed in at a healthy 122 pounds during her finale, a controversy also erupted in subsequent seasons over Rachel Frederickson, who weighed in at 105 pounds to win the $250,000 weight loss prize. Both Harper and Michaels showed their horror at her anorexic appearance, and Rachel subsequently regained some of her weight.

However, as Vincent hopes to make clear on her show, weight loss can be healthy and permanent.

[Images Via Ali Vincent/Facebook]

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