Kanye West Gets Booed Again At Warriors Basketball Game

On May 27, “Black Skinhead” rapper Kanye West showed up in Oakland, California to show his support for the Golden State Warriors. Most likely, he was expecting a good game. What he wasn’t expecting though was the negative reaction he elicited from the game’s crowd.

For the second time this month, West was booed when he was shown on the jumbotron. The rapper was innocently enjoying the game courtside when the camera decided to focus on him. It turns out that, even when he is not performing, haters are still going to hate on Kanye.

But that wasn’t the painful part. What’s worse was that other celebrities were also shown on the screen, such as George Lopez. When Lopez, who was sitting just behind West, was flashed on screen, the crowd went wild.

Perez Hilton speculated that the boos may have come from the fact that West only wore black instead of sporting the team’s yellow and blue merch.

Earlier this month, West was booed during the Billboard Music Awards. He closed the event with a performance of his two hits: “All Day” and “Black Skinhead.” Even before the rapper started his number, the audience was already booing when Kendall and Kylie Jenner introduced their brother-in-law.

West was joined on stage by Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London, both featured artists from his newest hit, “All Day.” The rapper’s performance made quite an impression. It involved so many pyrotechnics that there were instances when the crowd could barely see the artist. It was heavily censored too.

Despite Wests best efforts, the audience was not please at all. They booed during the intro of his song and booed again at the end of his set. This reception did not slow West down, though. He performed the entire set stone-faced until the curtains closed.

West’s reaction to the booing wasn’t just for show. He really knows how to ignore his haters well. After the awards show, the rapper opened up about how he was received by the crowd and he claimed that being booed was a “badge of honor.”

[Image by Ezra Shaw, Getty Images]