The Transformation Is Complete! Bruce Jenner Reportedly Becomes A Woman

Following the public announcement of his gender transformation, former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner has successfully kept a low-profile. It has been nearly a month since the 65-year-old was photographed or seen making any public appearances.

Jenner’s hiatus was explained by an insider asserting that he has “been working very hard on his docuseries.” However, another source came forward with a more convincing story.

The other source revealed that Jenner underwent sex reassignment surgery three weeks ago and is currently recovering from the procedure. The source assured that he is being taken care of in his Malibu home by “nurses that take 12-hour shifts.”

“The recovery hasn’t been easy for Bruce,” the source said, “because [the sex reassignment surgery] was much more intensive than he anticipated.”

“The procedure involved reshaping Bruce’s male genitalia into that of a woman’s,” the source described. He continued that the former Olympian was very happy with the results of the surgery but did not realize how painful the recovery phase is going to be.

The said procedure has caused Jenner a great deal of stress. There was a point that he thought he had developed a urinary tract infection, but what he felt was only one of the procedure’s grueling after-effects.

The source also recalled how Jenner had his procedure. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was very careful in keeping his surgery discreet. It was performed after hours to make sure that there were only a few staff left in the facility. Every effort was also observed to make sure that there weren’t any paparazzi around. Jenner then arrived at the facility in the backseat of an SUV and left the same way eight hours after. After his SUV left, one of his closest friends drove around the facility to ensure that the coast was clear.

“Bruce is officially, and for all legal purposes, considered a woman,” the source emphasized. “Bruce’s kids have never seen him so happy. They just wish he would publicly start living as a woman, but contractually, he has to keep it under wraps until the docuseries [about his transition] premieres.”

Jenner talked about his gender transformation over a month ago during a Diane Sawyer special. He opened up about his life-long struggle with his desire to be identified as a woman.

To date, none of Jenner’s official representatives have confirmed if he really did undergo sex reassignment surgery.

[Image via YouTube]