Make Better ‘GTA V’ Videos With These Helpful Tips From Rockstar Games

One of the new features that were introduced to Grand Theft Auto V fans inside the title’s recently launched PC edition included a full suite of in-game tools that allows players to make their own GTA V videos. Hoping to make sure that users get as much out of the Rockstar Editor as possible, the developer published a series of tips from their official Rockstar blog that provide helpful suggestions to help would-be directors create the best fan-made GTA V films as possible.

These new Rockstar Editor tips offer gamers insight on how to properly use the many camera effects that are at their disposal as part of the in-game tools that can be found in the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V. While users have access to dozens of effects, Rockstar Games suggests that players refrain from using too many different options within the same video. They instead propose that the best GTA V films will careful select just a few different camera effects to use throughout the entire video.

“Take the time to play around with different effects to see what works for you. Once you’ve found the perfect combination, try to keep some consistency throughout your film — constantly shifting between different filters and styles will only disorientate the viewer, and might make your film seem unpolished.”

Just as important as the visual style that it presented in their film, Rockstar Games also reminded GTA V that their choice in soundtrack is also an important step in creating a successful video. Furthermore, the developer suggests that users not ignore the audio cues of whatever music they choose for the video. For example, Rockstar Games reminded players to be mindful of elements within the soundtrack to learn when to properly decide when to make changes in their own GTA V film.

“You may wish to raise and lower the volume to add extra weight to the scenes in your video. Have an action scene with explosions and gunfire? Crank up the SFX for that scene and drop down the music and dialogue.”

Today’s tips for the Rockstar Editor is the second installment of an ongoing series that Rockstar Games has started to ensure GTA V fans get the most out of the title’s in-game video editing tools. The developer kicked off the series last week by detailing the best ways to capture footage in Grand Theft Auto V.

While the Rockstar Editor is currently only available within the game’s PC edition, the video tools are also scheduled to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the coming months as the Inquisitr recently reported. Unfortunately, the Rockstar Editor won’t be heading to last-gen consoles due to hardware limitations.

Have you tried making your own film inside GTA V using the Rockstar Editor?

[Images via Rockstar Games]