MTV Couple Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Working To Get Charges Dismissed? She’s ‘Scared’ To Turn Herself In

MTV couple Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are reportedly working together to keep the Teen Mom 2 star out of jail. According to a May 27 report by Radar Online, Evans will turn herself in to police tomorrow, and in the meantime, Griffith is working with authorities to have the charges against her dismissed.

Evans is “scared” but will turn herself in on Thursday, according to her attorney, Amy Lawrence.

“There will be a bond hearing,” and, after the hearing, Evans will be processed, a mug shot taken and she will be released from custody, Lawrence confirmed.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the MTV couple came to blows just after midnight on Tuesday at the home of Griffith. During their fight, as the police report explained, Evans reportedly choked, punched, and slapped her former fiancé. Not helping Evans’ case is the fact that photographs were taken of Griffith’s injuries, which appeared consistent with his story of an assault.

“Consistent with the victim’s story of the choking and pulling of the shirt, the victim left side of his face also had a slightly red bruising consistent with being slapped or punched. Photographs were taken and will be dropped into the recording drive for further court purposes.”

If the MTV couple truly wants to move past this, they will likely have a hard time. After all, this is more than a case of he said, she said. There is photographic proof of Griffith’s story. Still, Evans’ lawyer hopes to have the charges against her client dropped, and claims Griffith does, as well.

Griffith “regrets the situation,” Lawrence alleged, and is “cooperating to get the charges dismissed.”

The MTV couple ended their engagement in early March after a physical altercation at the home they used to share.

“[Griffith] recognizes that she is hurt from the breakup and wants her to be okay.”

The MTV couple began dating in June, 2013, and as is typical for Evans, their relationship has been fairly volatile ever since. In addition to a few caught-on-camera fights, the pair have been involved in a handful of fights off-screen. Prior to their March, 2015, breakup, Evans called the cops on her then-fiancé, claiming he assaulted her by pinning her to a toilet and ripping her engagement ring off her finger. After Griffith was arrested, it was revealed, via Radar Online, that Evans was the aggressor, and charges against him were eventually dropped.

The MTV couple returns to Teen Mom 2 on July 9 at 10 p.m.

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