Eric Lembo, Trang Nguyen Not Sorry For Daughter’s $50K Birthday Bash — And They’re Planning More

Parents will do anything for their kids, but few can afford to do quite as much as Eric Lembo and Trang Nguyen. The price tag for their daughter’s third birthday? A cool $50,000.

That includes a $3,000 photographer, $1,600 performer, $10,000 in decorations, and nearly $20,000 in food and staff, Perth Now Sunday Times reported.

But that’s only a fraction of the bill for the birthday bash Eric and Trang put on for their three-year-old daughter, Lauren.

Yes, 3 — meaning no matter how much the little girl’s face “lit up” at the fancy decorations (including her name in lights), she won’t remember a bit of it.

Admittedly, the bash did sound pretty awesome — straight out of a little girl’s fantasy. The Disney-themed revelry had a fairy floss station, face painter, balloon artists, photo booth, Mickey Mouse, a magician, entertainment, and, of course, a tea party, Capital Bay reported. Don’t forget the chandelier-lined marquee.

About 200 of Lauren’s closest friends — actually, 50 of them were kids, the rest were Lembo and Nguyen’s buddies — showed up. They dined on food that certainly doesn’t sound very kid friendly, but delicious nonetheless — “tempura scallops, truffle arancini, pork belly, paella, wood fired pizza and oysters washed down with Remy Martin XO cognac.”

What kid doesn’t love oysters?

So, how were Eric and Trang Nguyen able to pull off such a lavish bash for little Lauren? Well, it helped that Lembo actually owns the venue — Caversham House, a riverfront reception area. Such extravagant festivities have actually been a tradition since she turned 1, and apparently, they’ll continue.

“The Italian and the Vietnamese cultures have a large first birthday so we decided to do it for her second and third … as well. It has really become a party not just for Lauren but for all of my family and friends to get together. That’s very important to me.”

Also important is marketing his venue, he told the Sunday Times later, after a bit of criticism against Lembo and Nguyen online. Critics also called them for wasting money, suggesting a better use of their fortune. Giving $50,000 to charity instead, perhaps.

But Eric pointed out he already does that — he paid for the wedding of a terminally ill cancer patient, donates regularly, organized an auction for the victims of a local natural disaster, and gives away $1,000 lunch vouchers all the time.

“One of the comments was that we should send our daughter to a refugee camp so that she can learn the value of money. That’s very funny because Trang and her whole family came to Australia from a refugee camp.”

He also argued that the party injects money back into the community because he uses local vendors. And he’ll do the same next year when he throws her another expensive celebration.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]