Argentine Surfer Matt Passeri Sacrifices Big Win For The Best Possible Reason In Heart-Warming Video

Matt Passeri is a five-time Argentinian surfer and was set to for another big win until he was disqualified from the contest for the most heart-warming reason possible. Passeri burst into the waves with a partner on his back, obviously against the rules, but it is the story of that partner that left many in tears.

Mouja uploaded a video that featured the stories of Passeri and Nicolas Gallegos. Gallegos is the man in the video that can be seen riding the waves on the back of Passeri during the Argentinian Surf Championship. This is the man that cost Passeri the championship title in this particular event, but the reason he is riding the waves with Passeri is touching.

Gallegos is a paraplegic. He had dreams of becoming a professional surfer one day until a terrible accident left him paralyzed at the age of just 19. Gallegos was unable to fulfill his life-long dream of riding in the Argentinian Surf Championship and was unable to continue his passion of surfing after the accident. Therefore, Passeri decided to lend a helping hand.

Passeri knew that allowing Gallegos to surf with him during the championship would cost him the title, but he knew that helping make Gallegos dreams come true was far more important than any title. Therefore, he decided to break the contest rules by letting Gallegos catch some waves with him during the big competition. The whole ride was captured on video and showed the spectacular moment that Gallegos had his dreams come true.

Despite being disqualified, Passeri called the event the “greatest victory of his career” and has no regrets about giving up the title to grant Gallegos his dream.

What do you think of Matt Passeri’s selfless actions at the Argentinian Surf Championship?

[Image Credit: YouTube]