‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans ‘Bring Back McDreamy’ Petition Reaches 100,000, Fans Point Out Mistakes And Foreshadowing

Grey’s Anatomy fans have not stopped reeling from the news of the death of Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd.

As we reported on May 12, 2015, Grey’s Anatomy fans were so horrified after witnessing the death of Dr Shepherd that one fan started a Change.org petition, which quickly gained momentum.

News sites like the Sydney Morning Herald were impressed when the petition reached 17,000 signatures, but as of this moment more than 105,000 people have supported the petition, with more coming on board every minute.

The general feeling among Grey’s Anatomy fans is one of outrage, with insults being slung at Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes from every angle.

“I’ve been watching this show for almost my entire childhood (since I was 11 to be exact) and now pull this bulls**t. That is f**king unacceptable.”

“Shonda is a LIAR!!!!!! A BOLD-FACED ROTTEN LIAR!!!!!!! The entire crew of Grey’s needs to walk off the set!!!!”

“I will never get over this and I hope you realize the gravity of what you have done to devoted Grey’s lovers all around the world. We will never forgive you.”

“It is disgusting. It is shameful.”

Gray’s Anatomy fans have also been pulling apart the fateful episode on the Change.org petition, listing potential mistakes and errors in an attempt to prove that the episode was hurried and not well-thought-out.

“Derek wouldn’t drive all of the survivors to the nearest hospital (he could have) instead…he looks for a phone And hopes that help is coming? yeah.dont think so. that’s not the brilliant surgeon we know.”

“Previous episode, Meredith had her phone at the hospital and was repeatedly calling Derek (having no missed calls) once she heard he did not show up in D.C. yet this episode shows her leaving her phone at home AND a missed called from him.”

“Amelia was TALKING to him on the phone and said he was going to go into an area with no reception yet in the previous episode NO ONE had heard from him.”

“A big point was made that there was absolutely NO reception in that area and it was pointed out multiple times, yet suddenly Derek has reception causing him to stop his car in the middle of the road.”

“A huge semi-truck is barreling up this road when the emergency vehicles had JUST left not even a couple minutes earlier. The road would have been closed and police would have had everyone off the road and everything cleaned up before opening it for more traffic thus the truck could not have gotten there that quickly.”

Entertainment Weekly pulled together every character quote or other hint they could find from the four episodes preceding the fateful Gray’s Anatomy McDreamy death episode, using the magic of hindsight to prove that Derek Shepherd’s death was foreshadowed several times and that “we’ve really got no excuse for being surprised”.

Some of the links were a little tenuous, though, including Derek saying to the car crash victims “it’s a beautiful day to save lives” which was his catchphrase and has been said umpteen times by him throughout his eleven years on Gray’s Anatomy.

If that was enough to foreshadow his death, we should have been nervous every time he entered an OR.

As for the success of the petition, while it continues to gain momentum and supporters, it seems unlikely that any real change will come from it. The episode has been aired (along with follow-up episodes which mean the Gray’s Anatomy death scene can’t simply be written off as a dream sequence) and presumably now-former Gray’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey has moved on to bigger and better things.

In case you’re still devastated by the latest Gray’s Anatomy death, spend some time with this beautifaul Derek Shepherd compilation (and bring the tissues).

[Photo: Harold Cunningham / Getty Images]