Keira Knightley Has A Baby! Is It Really A Girl, And Will They Name Her Olivia?

Keira Knightley and her new baby have been spotted! E! News confirmed the rumors that some UK Twitter users started after Keira and baby were seen shopping in Islington, an area of North London.

E! News went on to say that Keira can now put “mom” on her resume along with all Knightley’s other impressive accomplishments. “Mom” is an amazing accomplishment! It tops the list and Keira will be a great mom.

Bustle says Keira “embodies a variety of qualities that would classify her as a great mother.” In the article, writer Allyson Koerner says that Keira is okay with being goofy, embraces her femininity without letting it limit her, and knows how to appreciate inner beauty.

Yes, Keira will be a great mom!

Keira and her husband James Righton of The Klaxons have been secretive about the pregnancy, putting off the announcement until December of 2014. That concern for privacy is a trademark of Keira’s relationship with James. The 2013 Knightley-Righton wedding was an intimate, low-key affair in the south of France. Only 11 guests were present, including Keira’s close friend, actress and mother of one, Sienna Miller.

When Keira and James first went public with their pregnancy news, Sienna was delighted and said her close friend would be a natural and “amazing” mother.

“We’ve spoken a lot and I know Keira will be amazing. She doesn’t need any advice. She will be perfect.”

There were hints along the way that Keira was expecting a baby, and that the baby was a girl.

Back in September, Keira spoke with Glamour, in an interview for her November cover star issue. Knightley had a lot to say about her gorgeous looks, turning 30, and careers she’d want for her daughter. keira said she would “totally discourage” an acting career.

“I should imagine that if she wanted to act, I wouldn’t have a choice, but, no, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. It can be completely heartbreaking for most people who do it, because the amount of rejection is enormous.”

Knightley said she would recommended careers that were “useful.”

“Be a doctor or a lawyer – something stable and useful.”

Although Keira and James still haven’t confirmed if their baby is a boy or a girl, Twitter thinks it’s definitely a girl.

Vanity Fair’s Kelly Butler correctly predicted the royal baby would be named Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Butler says that if Keira Knightley’s baby is a girl, Keira and James will name her Olivia.

Is that the name you’d choose for Keira Knightley’s baby?

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