WWE Rumors: CM Punk Teases Wrestling Return – Would He Go Back To WWE?

When CM Punk left WWE, some people thought he would be back in a few months. After about a month, people thought he would be back within a year. Soon, it became a realization that he may never return to WWE. Then, he transitioned and moved on to MMA and it appeared as if his wrestling career was over. Now, he’s teasing things on Twitter, but is he serious?

Right now, CM Punk is focusing on his UFC debut as Christian Today reported, but some people would still love to see him in a wrestling ring.

This past weekend, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) put on a show in which they had Samoa Joe wrestling on the card. AIW co-owner John Thorne took it upon himself to hop on Twitter and say that he would cancel a participant in a particular match if CM Punk was willing to show up and wrestle.

Maybe unexpectedly, Punk responded.

Thorne joked around that the crowd support would be plenty to afford a guy like Punk if he really wanted to wrestle again. Thing is, that doesn’t seem like it will ever happen again. Sure, some will state “never say never,” but CM Punk does appear to have made up his mind.

The show for AIW went on as scheduled and CM Punk never did show up at the event. John Thorne hopped back on Twitter to let the world know that he didn’t come out to face Samoa Joe face-to-face.

CM Punk is expected to debut for UFC later this year, and he’s been training constantly for his first fight. He ended up leaving WWE on bad terms as he stated the company wanted him to appear and perform while injured, but that was just one of many issues.

While WWE never officially closed the door on a CM Punk return to the squared circle, it appears via his words, that he’s done with that chapter of his life. Samoa Joe has even said that he believes CM Punk will return to wrestling some day, but that may depend on how his UFC career goes.

Jokes aside, CM Punk is training hard to show the MMA world what he can do, and WWE is just a dot in his rear view mirror. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, but just never say never.

[Image via WWE]