‘The Good Wife’ Star Archie Panjabi Speaks Out About Julianna Margulies Feud

For months, there’s been rumors about what’s been brewing behind the set on The Good Wife. Over the years fans of the show have been wondering if there was a feud between stars Julianna Margulies (Alicia) and Archie Panjabi (Kalinda). One pulls high rank as the show’s producer and star, and the other was someone who broke out from the rest of the cast. In fact, Archie won an Emmy for her efforts on the show before Julianna.

As the story goes, Margulies wasn’t happy about Panjabi’s presence on the show and scaled back her scenes along with sabotaging a few character arcs.

Throughout the rumors, the powers that be at CBS, including both stars, have been silent on this rift. That said, it was painfully obvious that something was going on between the actresses. The two characters were best friends on the show, and shared multiple scenes an episode, and then that all came to a halt with the revelation that Kalinda had previously had an affair with Alicia’s husband.

That said, many fans believed the two characters would come together since that storyline seemed to be buried on Alicia’s part. Except that didn’t happen at all, and since then the juggling of their scenes so they wouldn’t appear in a single frame together became somewhat of a magical feat.

Since then, they hadn’t shared screen time in over three years and fans wondered if the actresses would bury the hatchet for Kalinda’s exit to wrap up a strained friendship, between two beloved characters. When we saw that Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies could do just that and shared one final scene together, some were relieved. That was until news broke that the actresses had stand ins and actually filmed their parts separately so it would appear they shared the screen together, but in reality didn’t. It begged the question — what happened between these two? People have their theories but no one knows for sure.

While Archie Panjabi didn’t comment directly on the actual feud, this is as close we’re going to get to a confession from her. Panjabi, who exited the show in the season finale, spoke with Us magazine about their final scene together. When asked if she had filmed with Margulies, Panjabi was hesitant to answer.

“You know, I can’t answer that. It’s not fair for me to answer those decisions. As much as I want to. But those decisions are made by the producers. I’m not privy to those decisions. All I do know is I’m very grateful to the Kings for making the decision to cast me.”

So in the end Archie said it all without saying it outright. Since Julianna is a producer on the show, she had pulled rank and decided not to film Archie’s last scene with the actress. Looks like this may be a case that we can never truly solve.

[Image via CBS]