Bruce Jenner Had Secret Affair With A Man [Report]

Bruce Jenner had a secret affair with a man according to a new report. The 65-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently came out as transgender and revealed his plans to transition from a man to a woman and dished all the details on the life and feelings that lead him to his decision to have a sex change.

During Bruce Jenner’s big interview with Diane Sawyer, where he confirmed to the world that he planned to become a woman, he also stated that he was not gay, and he enjoyed relationships and sex with women. However, Radar Online reports that Jenner may, in fact, have had a secret affair with a man.

According to the report, TV producer and journalist Richard Lasko claims to have a close friend whom had a very close relationship with Bruce back in the 1980’s, a time when he had first begun his gender transition, and then later stopped before marrying Kris Jenner. Lasko claims his friend wasn’t shy about the relationship, telling him “I slept with Bruce Jenner.”

“When I was over at his house, he showed me two or three photos of himself with Bruce. They were both shirtless and wearing swim trunks, posing for the camera standing up. The pictures appeared to be taken on a beach. There were palm trees in the background. I got the distinct impression from the way he’d kept the photos that they had a real relationship. That it wasn’t a one-night stand.”

As if Bruce Jenner didn’t have enough drama in his life, this latest shocker will likely send fans reeling and make the paparazzi want to get at him even more. Meanwhile, as previously reported by Radar, Jenner is allegedly recovering from sex change surgery and is now legally a woman, meaning he could re-emerge as his female self at any time.

However, some members of his family may not be too thrilled about that. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been keeping their children away from Bruce as they don’t know how to explain his gender reassignment to their little ones.

It looks like the Kardashian/Jenner family have a lot of issues to work out. However, the family has always been close and have stuck by one another through thick and thin, and they will likely continue to do so as Bruce begins his new life as a woman.

[Photo By: JB Lacroix/Getty Images]